First you need to choose an appropriate material. We recommend to focus on alder, aspen, thermo-ax or abache one. This is wood depending on various price categories, thus, you can find a solution suitable for both a budget and an expensive interior.

Height, Length and Width

The height of a shelving and benches in a bathhouse is a parameter that is chosen by each owner individually. Firstly, you should determine who will play the role of a bather within your family or friend circle more often – then it is necessary to be orientated on the height of this person. When he/she will be standing, a shelving should be placed in such a way so that the hand with a broom could be comfortably held over it. The average height is 70-80 centimetres from the floor. It is important that from the surface of the seat to the ceiling there will be not less than 110 cm.

If it is planned not to lie in the room but only to sit, then a shelving can be made multi-layered by adding another “stair” from the bottom.

When calculating the size of shelving in a bathhouse, consider the recommendations on the length and width. The optimal construction length is at least 220 centimetres. The standard width is 60 cm. But in this case it is also necessary to focus on body shape of those who will use a sauna. When the area of a steam room is large, it is possible to make a shelving of a larger size.

Place and methods of installation

Seats are placed without windows on the wall. It is important to place a design in such a way so that cold air does not circulate through the door or ventilation system. When calculating the space for the shelving, be sure to learn the manufacturer’s guidance for the heater’s installation – you will find out what safe distance should be maintained from the heater up to the seats.

Tips for Installation

It is best to make the shelving be opened from the bottom - in this case, air circulates better and the material dries out faster after each sauna use. A slight shelving leaning is made from the wall towards the room, then water will not be accumulated in the corner and as a result- spoil the wood. When processing materials, it is important to eliminate the appearance of knots, chips, and all the details have to be fit very tightly to each other - given that they will be regularly affected by the weight of a visitor.

How to Fix a Seat

Fastening of boards can be conducted with screws or oak wedges. The first option is simpler - it is quite suitable for those who face the problem for the first time. Oak wedges are a laborious decision that is best to be left to professionals. However, it is the most environmentally friendly way that admirers of natural materials will definitely appreciate.

Is a Seat Back Important?

When you have already been aware how to make a shelving in the bathhouse yourself, it remains only to add a seat back to it. Due to this, a seat is getting more comfortable, and you can touch the wall without fear of being burnt. For this design, purchase the same material as for the shelf itself, but in this case, do not tight the boards close together - leave a gap to insure a good ventilation. 

When making a shelving in your bathhouse, do not try to save on materials and fasteners. The service life of the design will depend greatly on their quality and accuracy of installation.

Published : 2019-02-26 20:19:48

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