Harvia 20 Pro stove: characteristics and benefits

Harvia 20 Pro stove: characteristics and benefits

Harvia 20 Pro wood-burning stove is a model that has proved itself to be used in medium-sized saunas. The construction differs by high strength, reliability, durability, fast heating and slow cooling.

Like several other models, these Harvia wood-burning sauna stoves have a transparent door, due to which you can watch the fire during steaming. The door is equipped with thick tempered glass (10 mm) and safe handle that doesn’t heat. You can safely add wood without fear of burns and other troubles.

The technical capacities of Harvia 20 Pro

Harvia 20 Pro stove for a bath is a number of important features:

  • Power - 24.1 kW. The stove is used in saunas from 8 to 20 cubic meters.
  • The maximum load of stones is 40 kilograms. Use the stones of the same brand and the correct diameter (10-15 cm).
  • Adjustable legs. This is extremely convenient in the installation if the floor covering has some differences.
  • The integral 20 liter water reservoir. The liquid heats while Harvia 20 Pro stove warms up the room, which is very convenient.
  • The average size of the product. The stove height doesn’t exceed 76 centimeters, so there is a convenient place for it in any bath or sauna. The product weight - 60 kg (it is convenient for both transportation and installation).

The appearance

You can buy Harvia wood-burning stove for room with any particularities. The model is well-suited for modern sauna and for bath in a classic design. It looks harmoniously with different types of wood. This is facilitated by the neutral colors of the case: black and steel; not the least in universal design is the rectangular case.

The reviews on Harvia wood-burning stoves only confirm that this model is worthy of attention of everyone who is looking for the realization of Finnish quality and is ready to pay only for well-structured and practical models. The stove of this construction will perfectly fit into the interior and will please you with a stylish look for many years.

Published : 2021-02-19 16:56:07

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