Harvia Legend 240 Greenflame: a worthy novelty from the Legendline

Harvia Legend 240 Greenflame: a worthy novelty from the Legendline

Harvia Legend 240 Greenflame model — is a new solution in the Legend line of a well-known European brand. The name already indicates that in creating this stove a lot of attention was paid to environmental friendliness.

And really:  Harvia Legend 240  stove for bath emits one fifth less particulate matter into the air while fuel combustion. It also reduces carbon monoxide emissions by 70% in the operation. These have become possible due to the unique, completely new construction of the burner. For that reason, the brand's movement towards the most eco-friendly stoves production is commendable from the buyers.

What spaces Harvia Legend 240 Greenflame model is for

These Harvia wood-burning stoves for bath are designed especially for medium-sized rooms (capacity - 15.9 kW). It's suitable for steam rooms with a minimum volume of 10 cubic meters. The maximum allowed volume is 24 cubic meters. Before this indicator, the stove will perfectly heat the room in a short time and hold heat for very long. Also, please note that the minimum allowed height for a steam room should be 2.1 meters.

Construction features and some technical characteristics Harvia Legend 240 Greenflame

240 Greenflame relates to models that consist of a netted case that hold a large amount of stones. In this case, the maximum load of stones is 200 kilograms. The construction weight without them is 76.1 kg, so it is quite easy to move the empty one. And also Harvia wood-burning stove has comfortable adjustable legs, due to that you can easily install the case even on an imperfect surface.

We recall that to ensure a good device operation, you should take stones of the same manufacturer. They are perfectly matched in material and sizes, and therefore they heat much better, cool slowly and at the same time serve for years with no complaints.

Design particularities

The changes have touched not only the equipment operating principles. This model has a different burner - and this time it has a larger size. The door is made of tempered transparent glass with safety handle. Due to the large door surface, watching the burning fire is even more interesting and enjoyable. The lovers of fireplaces and open fires will like this design.

If you want to buy Harvia wood-burning stove, you will definitely not go wrong. The product design, though stylish, is quite universal, and also has the excellent technical characteristics. The construction keeps heat great, and due to the high quality of stones, it provides soft covering steam in the steam room.


Published : 2021-02-09 09:37:36

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