Harvia Linear 22 и Harvia 20 Pro: a comparison of two models of wood-burning sto

Harvia Linear 22 и Harvia 20 Pro: a comparison of two models of wood-burning sto

Harvia Linear 22 and Harvia 20 Pro wood-burning stoves are very similar in their characteristics, so when choosing it's not that simple to know where to stop. Let's see how their indicators are similar, and where there are differences, which are important to consider when choosing.

The similar indicators of two models

Both Harvia wood-burning stoves for sauna have the same original weight (60 kg) and a maximum stone fill of 40 kg. We recall that to ensure a good device operation, you should use Harvia stones, right size.

Likewise, these Harvia stoves for a sauna are intended for medium-sized rooms. The minimum sauna volume for each of them is 8 cubic meters. The products are equipped with transparent doors with safe handles - through them you can watch a beautiful and cozy fire burning. The door thickness in each case is 10 mm, strong tempered glass is used.

The differences between models Harvia Linear 22 and Harvia 20 Pro

If you’re going to buу Harvia stove, don’t forget the differences, in this case they’re like:

  • Linear 22 model is designed for little larger saunas - its maximum is 22 m³. At the same time, 20 Pro stoves can be put exclusively in saunas up to 20 m³.
  • Linear 22 (which makes sense, according to the first point) has a slightly higher power - 26.1 kW vs. 24.1 kW that Harvia 20 Pro has.
  • The construction of Harvia Linear 22 is 2 cm wider than of 20 PRO. For some saunas, this is insignificant, but if it's a matter of centimeters in the installation, that should also be taken into account.
  • But the differences are visible not only in technical parameters - be sure to read the visual characteristics of the equipment, because the wood-burning stoves of these models differ from each other.

Design particularities

Linear 22 is as simple as possible clear black solution. Only the burner with transparent door stands out on the stove. The model is perfect for those cases when it shouldn’t attract attention at all.

At the same time, Harvia wood-burning stove for a sauna 20 Pro looks slightly different. There are both black and steel parts on the case. This makes the design more interesting and attractive. We recommend it in the event that the stove becomes a part of the interior and should look more modern and as stylish as possible.

Would you like to buy Harvia stove? In our catalog you’ll find a solution for any task. Many models are vastly different, but others have minor, but still essential differences. Thanks to such a choice, each customer will find the best solution for himself.

Published : 2021-03-22 14:51:34

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