Harvia Linear 22 wood-burning stove

Harvia Linear 22 wood-burning stove

Harvia Linear 22 stoves for a sauna are simple but stylish and very practical products for those who value the highest quality. Only at first glance there is nothing special in this stove; but in fact, every element is thought out in it. The stove heats quickly, keeps warm for a long time, and ensures even and gentle warming of the sauna.

This model is equipped with a 29 liters water reservoir - it is located on the right side of the construction.

Some technical characteristics of Harvia Linear 22

When choosing Harvia stoves, pay attention to its key capacities:

  • Power - 26.1 kW. The minimum steam room volume is 8 m3, and the maximum is 22 m3.
  • The maximum load of stones is 40 kg, on the condition that the elements diameter is 10-15 cm. If you want the stove to heat as qualitatively as possible and retain heat for a long time, use the stones of the manufacturer Harvia.
  • Cleaner burning. Compared to previous models, this one received an improved room, due to which much less combustion products are released into the air. Harvia Linear 22 wood-burning stoves also meet the CE marking requirements.

The total product weight without stones is 60 kilograms, which makes the stove easy to move and install.

Design particularities

We recommend that you buy Harvia Linear 22 wood-burning stove, if you want to enjoy the views of real living fire. This is facilitated by the transparent tempered glass door. Herewith, the door handle doesn’t heat - this is a completely safe construction.

The main color of Harvia Linear 22 wood-burning stove is black and the case has a matt top coat. It makes the heater completely universal for both baths and saunas with different interior options. When choosing such a model, you’ll definitely not go wrong either with the appearance or with the technical characteristics.

Published : 2021-02-16 19:05:26

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