Proper care of the sauna is a guarantee that the materials will remain in perfect condition as long as possible. Additionally, it is also a matter of comfort and safety - only in an absolutely clean room you cannot worry about your health. Therefore, HARVIA company, whose specialists know absolutely everything about sauna operation, offers special products for the care of steaming rooms and other premises. These are detergent for cleaning and disinfection, as well as paraffin oil for treating wooden surfaces. Each of these products has a lot of advantages.

Detergent for cleaning and disinfecting of a bathhouse

The detergent helps to cope with dirt, as well as disinfect the surface. To obtain a solution of the desired consistency, dilute 100 ml of detergent and 10 litres of water. The remedy should be used with gloves, and we recommend taking a sponge for surface treatment. Thoroughly rinse the material, pay special attention to the places with joints, small grooves - all that where theoretically more dirt can be accumulated. If there are deep stains on the shelves, walls or other surfaces, they can be removed with emery paper, a metal sponge or other similar device. Try not to rub too hard, especially if the wood is soft. Remove dirt in small segments - and then rinse with a solution for disinfection.

When the main treatment is completed, be sure to rinse all surfaces with clean water, allow the room to get dried - this process can be accelerated by warming up the sauna.

Paraffin Oil

Impregnation of wooden surfaces with paraffin oil is a way to protect products from moisture and dirt. The surface repels all undesirable and does not absorb liquids as intensely as without treatment. In addition, this oil changes the appearance of wood - as a rule, its colour becomes deeper, and the texture is clearer, deeper. To understand how the product behaves on a particular wood, you need to first try it in one small area.

The oil is applied to a completely dry, previously cleaned and disinfected surface - after the treatment, you should wait for it to be dried out.

Timely maintenance of equipment, as well as careful care of the sauna surfaces are the prerequisites for the subsequent comfortable and safe taking a steam. Special products greatly simplify the process of caring for wood making it as fast and efficient as possible.

Published : 2019-02-13 11:58:25

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