Harvia Xenio WIFI CX001 mobile sauna control: understanding the functions

Harvia Xenio WIFI CX001 mobile sauna control: understanding the functions

The sauna control Harvia Xenio WIFI CX001 is a technical device with many possibilities. It was specially developed to make the controlling of the  sauna heaters or entire saunas as simple as possible. 

With what can you combine it Harvia Xenio WIFI CX001? 

You can combine this display with two types of Harvia sauna control, as well as Harvia XE ovens that have a built-in control box. Let´s take a closer look at each option. 

Xenio WIFI CX001 + CX170 sauna control  

This combination is used to work together with the heater that are marked with E. In addition to the system, you have to use the Harvia Xenio WIFI extension – detailed settings and control panel can be found in the MyHarvia app. 

In this case, the combination of display and control unit is designed for use with heaters with power of 2.3 – 17 kW.

With the installed and preconfigured hardware, you can make various adjustments: 

  • Check ventilation and humidity
  • Set a comfortable temperature for any specific purpose 
  • Adjust lighting
  • Configure the setting for the start of the sauna in distance 

The App itself is free and you can download from either Google Play or App Store, depending on what phone bran you are using. Getting along with the App is easy – you just need to be a secure smartphone user. 

Xenio WIFI CX001 + Harvia XE Sauna Heater 

In this case, the heater with the XE mark is equipped with a controller, so you do not need anything else. The exchangeable panel Xenio WIFI CX001 is connected to the heater and allows you to make the same settings as in the previous version. 

Xenio WIFI CX001 Sauna SControl  

While the previous options were suitable for Harvia XE sauna heaters (and E sauna heaters with separately purchased control box), in this case you can use the system with the Harvia Combi sauna heater models. A steam generator is installed in these models. In addition, that means that the further settings have to be made as well, that means there are more functions on the panel and it enables to control the steam supply. 

The HARVIA XENIO WIFI CX001 sauna control is an excellent, well thought-out solution that will make life easier for the sauna owners. You can control all the important settings and security levels by simply using your mobile phone. Moreover, there are many ways to control the sauna heater and other devices remotely – for example during work or at the airport before traveling home. 

Usually buyers who own this device find that it is 100 % worth the money and you can already see in the first few months that the purchase was worth it. 

Published : 2021-08-12 17:14:45

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