Unique Himalayan salt is mined in Pakistan, in the Punjab region. Now it is very popular and is used in different fields. It is used for salting and decorating of dishes. Various cosmetic compositions for baths are made of it. And even cutting boards are made of pieces of the material - they can also act as an unusual cooking surface. We suggest the use of the Himalayan salt as a building or decorative material for a sauna.

The history of the Himalayan salt 

When touching this material, you actually come into contact with a real antiquity. This substance started its formation about 200 million years ago, at the bottom of an ancient sea, which was located on the territory of modern Pakistan. Much time has passed, during which the Himalayan salt was stored under frozen lava flows. Nature itself has preserved for us this amazing substance - today this very version of salt is considered to be the purest and healthiest. There are no extra impurities, but there is natural iodine and a lot of useful minerals.

How to build from Himalayan salt

With the help of salt bars, you can completely finish the wall or decorate some part of it. To do this, you need to purchase a special glue that is environmentally friendly and does not alter the material’s properties. Salt finish looks especially stylish if you place a LED backlight behind it: the light bulbs will delicately illuminate translucent pieces of the material - this will create a significantly pleasant atmosphere.

Himalayan salt and health care

The material is not called unique for nothing. it contains a variety of chemical elements that, when heated and evaporated, cause a sound effect on health:

  • improve the condition of the respiratory tract, lungs;
  • help fight some types of allergies;
  • support an exhausted organism that is experiencing sensory overload;
  • promote the maximum relaxation in the course of taking a steam;
  • strengthen the immune system, which is especially noticeable during the periods of spread of various viruses;
  • increase the effectiveness of the procedure if aromatherapy is used;
  • contribute to high-quality cleansing of pores and skin;
  • help in the treatment of various cold-related illnesses.

There is nothing harmful in Himalayan salt, like natural wood, it contains only useful components. For the premises where the temperature is regularly raised, it is a perfect solution. We also advise to use such material for other premises of a bathhouse or sauna: rec rooms, waiting rooms, and washing rooms.

Himalayan salt looks very impressive, especially if you have focused on the backlight. For a stylish modern sauna, it will be a perfect complement. At the same time, its evaporation will maintain the microclimate in excellent condition: reduce the amount of dust, neutralize allergens, ensure freshness, comparable to a real walk along the seashore. You will be delighted with such a solution!

Published : 2019-03-04 18:22:11

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