If you are wondering about how to wire sauna lighting yourself, we would like to warn you against this wrong decision. Electricians with a professional background and reasonable work experience must be involved in wiring and connecting luminaires. Sauna, and especially a bathhouse with steam, is a place of increased danger, since high humidity is regularly observed there. However, you can choose lamps and light fixtures yourself depending on your taste.

What are the requirements on products

When making a choice, get focused on the following points:

  • Protection against dust and water. A reasonable solution for a bathhouse is lamps with IP markings. They are sufficiently protected from dust and dirt, and can also easily withstand splashes that are falling on the casing from all directions. 
  • Capability to withstand high temperatures. This is up to 120 degrees Celsius in a sauna. If the material has been not designed for this purpose, it will simply melt on the surface over time. In the worst case, a fire may occur for this reason.
  • Material of the ceiling and base. In a traditional Russian bathhouse, you can install any heat-resistant designs, but for the Finnish sauna the best option is models from ceramics.
  • Light Features. The lighting design of a bathhouse generally does not involve the use of too bright lights, otherwise the whole relaxing atmosphere will be lost. It is best to look for warm yellow or white light. The combination of lamps and LED strips performs well, as well as the use of unusual lampshades and coloured illuminating.
  • Protection and quality of switches. Requirements relating to high temperatures and moisture should be met when choosing the switches.

Lamp type: which one is suitable

The lamps of three types are usually used in a bathhouse, namely LED, fiber-optic and incandescent lamps. And in the first case, if we are talking about a sauna, we will talk more about LED strips, which are used for additional decorative illumination. It is important that such a tape has a high class of protection. Choosing between fiber and incandescent bulbs, you can choose both the first and the second option. However, in the second case, you need to make sure that the case is one hundred percent protected from moisture and there are special seals in it. For this, Harvia Company produces incandescent bulbs designed specifically for sauna use. The only limitation is that a lamp in this design should not be more than 60 W.

You can also purchase beautiful wooden lamps for Harvia products - they will decorate the interior of any premise. Having chosen the definite models of lamps and fixtures, the only thing remains to be done-their proper placement. Best of all, if the light falls from above, and the lamps themselves are evenly distributed around the perimeter of the premises. Do not forget that due to help of light it is possible to zone the space well: highlight the table in the relaxation room, create a soft light atmosphere in a steaming room. And, if the design allows, you can place decorative lighting under shelves and behind the walls.

Otherwise, the question of how to properly make the lighting in a bathhouse will be answered by professionals. Please contact good electricians - they will develop a project of any complexity.

Published : 2019-02-27 08:48:42

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