You can find a lot of information in internet about whether to use LED lamps and strips in saunas or not. The proper answer depends on what kind of products is being under consideration. Common LED strip without any protection for such premises is not suitable. However, Harvia produces special strips with a high level of moisture protection and the capability to withstand high temperatures.

When purchasing the products, be sure to learn the regulations: see which maximum temperature is indicated for the cable and which one is suitable for the LEDs themselves. 

Can LED strip be the main source of lighting? 

Since a special LED strip differs with its brightness, resistance to moisture and a large range of colours, it is quite possible to use it as a main source of light. With this kind of lighting, you can zone the space implementing interesting design solutions. Such elements are installed around the perimeter of the ceiling to illuminate individual parts of walls, shelves, etc. If a heater is equipped with a safety fence without lighting, you can decorate it and it will look very nice. 

What level of protection is suitable for a LED strip

It is recommended to focus on products that bear IP65, IP67, IP68 markings. The higher the last digit is, the stronger splashes and water jets can be. This will not affect the design’s performance though. That is, the last option - IP68 - these are the solutions that can withstand prolonged contact with water without breaking. 

The advantages of using a protected LED strip for lighting in a sauna

Here are some advantages of this solution:

  • Availability of products, given the price to tape length ratio.
  • Flexibility and ability to install in such a way that is unacceptable when working with conventional lamps. For example, if there is a round wooden island with seats in the centre of a steam room, it can be highlighted in a circle from the top point. With lamps such a solution is absolutely impossible. The same applies to decorating the lines of the shelf and other parts of a sauna.
  • Product safety for humans. A LED strip will not strike a current and will not cause a fire if all works have been carried out correctly.
  • High lighting quality. Harvia offers solutions that allow you to not only decorate, but also really illuminate the necessary areas of a steam room.
  • Maximum efficiency. Such lighting consumes little electricity, so you do not have to be terrified by large bills.

Some installation related issues

Before buying, be sure to check the angle of scattering of the strip — if it is enough to highlight the desired areas. Be sure to note that the power supply must be protected from moisture and high temperatures. When mounting, make sure that all free edges of strips are insulated and are not endangered to getting wet. The process of mounting of LED strips, although it is quite easy, must be carried out within the preparation of the entire lighting. That is why it should be entrusted to electricians with professional background.

Published : 2019-03-04 18:49:55

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