When choosing a sauna lamp, it is necessary to take into account lots of details. Such devices must meet several requirements at once:

  • Moisture resistance. This is especially important for the designs, which are installed directly in steam rooms. It should be remembered that moisture is not only steam itself, but also water splashes that fall on a structure aside. 
  • Capability to withstand not only high temperatures, but also regular fluctuations in temperature.
  • Aesthetics, creating of high-quality light. Lighting for the bathhouse is of great importance - it largely affects the atmosphere and comfort.

What are the specific parameters for choosing a sauna lamp?  

These parameters are related to steam and wash rooms because there are the highest requirements for such premises. Accordingly, these lamps are suitable for any other premises. 

  1. Protection level. The minimum level of protection for lamps is IP54. This means that a design is resistant to dust. Also, it is resistant to splashes that fall on the casing from different sides. If the second figure is higher than 4, it means that protection has already been provided against jets.
  2. Resistance to high temperatures. Look out for lamps that can withstand at least 120 C. Even if a sauna will be warmed up much more slowly, it is better to be safe and get a design with more serious capabilities.
  3. Body material. Everything depends on the situation and for what specific room you select the lamp. For a Russian bathhouse, any heat-resistant casing corresponding to the specified level of protection is fit. For a sauna from Finnish manufacturer it is better to look for products with ceramic casing.
  4. Type of lamp. Fiber-optic, LED and incandescent lamps can be installed in steam rooms or in washing rooms. Fiber-optic designs are distinguished by high-quality lighting, environmental friendliness, safety, maximum resistance to moisture and high temperature. But such lighting is quite expensive. LED lamps can be used in all premises but in a steam room due to influence of temperature, they break down faster. Additional special protection helps solve this problem. Ordinary incandescent bulbs tend to be rather good in steam rooms but they must not be no more than 60 W. The quality of the case is of no less importance. For example, Harvia produces the models, which 100% meet all the requirements for installation in a steam room.

Look also for fencing of lamps. It is best to choose wooden products for a sauna or a bathhouse. They serve as protection against impacts, partially protect a design from splashes, and also perform aesthetic functions.

The main lamps are installed at the top of the premise, preferably in the corners or where the least splash falls on the wall. The backlight can be placed under the shelving behind the wall, along the ceiling. With regard to installation, the wiring and lamp installation should be done exclusively by professionals.

Published : 2019-02-27 09:20:08

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