Harvia Spirit - feel the spirit of löyly


Harvia Spirit - feel the spirit of löyly

We are more than eager to share with you the news of our brand new electric heater called Harvia Spirit. This wall-mounted design heater combines mystique and beauty in one package and truly brings the spirit of löyly to your sauna.


Natural design

The classic curved design of the Harvia Spirit electric heater brings out a natural look. The Harvia Spirit showcases the round sauna stones which creates a modern yet elegant atmosphere in the sauna without abandoning the traditional sauna experience. The heater is equipped with remote WiFi control which is easy to use. The Harvia Spirit is truly the spirit of your sauna!


Safety meets advanced technology

The Harvia Spirit is designed and manufactured in Finland. It showcases Harvia’s craftsmanship while keeping safety and performance in mind. The newly designed air ventilation channel within the heater evenly distributes heat throughout the sauna to protect individual components in the sauna from overheating.


amilano-xafir-wifi.jpgWiFi compatibility

The Spirit heaters are suitable for different usage needs due to their control options. The heaters are WiFi-compatible, which allows you to control the different functions of your sauna via the MyHarvia mobile application.

Complete your sauna experience with Spirit accessories

The Harvia Spirit can be equipped with an optional safety railing that accentuates the design of the heater. An embedded flange is also available, which enables the heater to be installed within the sauna benches.



Harvia Spirit availability

The Harvia Spirit electric heater range includes E-model electric heater, which requires a separate control unit, and the XW-model heater which is a complete set for remote controlling. Both models are available in 6 and 9 kW versions.

Harvia Spirit Bay