Sauna Heaters Harvia "Virta" - 873,98 €

Sauna Heaters Harvia "Virta"

HARVIA VIRTA Electric Heater is presented by three versions: HL70, HL90 and HL110. 
The maximum weight of stones for HL 70-90 version is 50 kg’s, for HL110 - 70 kg. 
Pay attention: for the models without remote control you’ll need to purchase a separate control unit, otherwise you won’t be able to use your sauna heater.
VAT included

Necessary accessories


€31.31 €10.96


Remote Start System
Remote Start System
Harvia C150
Harvia C150
Control Unit Harvia Xafir Cs110
Control Unit Harvia Xafir Cs110
€241.20 €233.96
Control Unit  Harvia Xafir Cs170
Control Unit Harvia Xafir Cs170
€271.47 €263.33
Control Unit Harvia Xenio Cx110
Control Unit Harvia Xenio Cx110
€392.58 €345.47
Control Unit Harvia Xenio Cx170
Control Unit Harvia Xenio Cx170
€489.46 €450.30
Sauna Control Sentiotec K1
Sauna Control Sentiotec K1
€144.07 €136.87
Sauna ControlSentiotec K2
Sauna ControlSentiotec K2
€177.38 €168.51
 2 - 7 work­ing days

The main requirements for the installation of the furnace include the following items:

  • Distance from the surface of the heater to the ceiling should be at least 1.1 m.
  • The minimum height of the sauna room should not be less than 1.9 meters, since the furnace itself is 85 cm height.
  • Safety distance to the walls and other elements in the sauna should be at least 3 cm.
  • The installation shall be carried out on a completely flat surface.

The heater has a rectangular shape made of stainless steel. The control unit and stones are not included in the delivery and are purchased separately.

Specific Features of this  Electric Furnace Version

HARVIA VIRTA has been created on the basis of all previous company experience. The manufacturer has taken into account all the strengths of its previous products and improved what could have been improved.

Proper Stones Placement

The difference of the product is that the heating elements and stones are out of touch. Such a system helps avoid breakdowns, thus, ensuring a long service life of the furnace’s parts. We recommend to purchase HARVIA stones, as they are 100% suitable for specific features of the heater.

Service Hatch Position, Ease of Operation and Maintenance

Service hatch for repair and maintenance is in front-end of the design. To get access to the heating elements, you just need to pull it out – no need to take out the stones.

High Level of Safety

HARVIA VIRTA designs are characterized by a high level of fire safety and are protected against short circuits. Due to detailed elaboration of the product, it can work for a long time - up to 12 hours a day. This is a significant advantage for commercial saunas

Heater Stylish Design 

When choosing a furnace, its appearance is not of less importance. HARVIA VIRTA are presented in the simplest rectangular shapes, which at the same time look solid, expensive. This is an excellent solution for any sauna - regardless of the interior, color of materials and other features.

 HARVIA VIRTA is a reliable and durable design that perfectly copes with the tasks set, heating air quickly and evenly. When using it with a control unit with related suitable functions, you ensure the most efficient and safe operation of the sauna.


Data sheet
Sauna room height min:
1900 mm

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