Fixing materials

2 - 7 work­ing days
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The fixing clips of this type are used for the assembly of wall panels (plastic, MDF) and wooden siding. The use if these fixing arrangements can make the assembly process much quicker. The clamps are produced from galvanized iron. There about 250 clips in the package. The package includes galvanized nails.
2 - 7 work­ing days
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Metal bracket for fixation of the salt with notch. Price per 1m. For covering 1m² of salt, you will need 11pcs of metal bracket. Material: Aluminium
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Mounting adapters are required to attach the rail to the wooden framework, i.e. one adapter for each rail and wood bar crossing. For example, the wall is 1 x 1 m, there are 3 bars (in steps of 50 cm) and 11 rails. So, 33 adapters are required here. Price for 1 piece Material: aluminum

High-Quality Fastening Materials for the Sauna

Not every type of fastening material is suitable for constructing and designing sauna rooms. This is due to the demanding operating conditions characterized by high humidity and significant temperature variations. Purchasing conventional fastening materials from hardware stores might prove to be a misinvestment as they lack the necessary technical characteristics. For your sauna project, it's recommended to opt for specialized fastening materials from the range offered by the online store Amilano.

In our selection, you'll find a variety of fastening clips, clamps, nails, and other building materials made from galvanized iron. These materials are known for their durability and resistance to corrosion. This makes handling them easier, and you can be confident that they'll have a long lifespan. Rely on high-quality materials to successfully bring your sauna project to life.

Our fastening materials have been carefully chosen to meet the demands of sauna rooms. The high quality of our products guarantees a reliable and long-lasting solution. At Amilano, we understand the importance of dependable fastening for constructing your sauna. Therefore, we offer only products that adhere to our strict quality standards.

Invest in high-quality fastening materials to ensure that your sauna not only looks excellent but also remains in top condition for a long time. Thanks to our wide range of materials, you'll find precisely the suitable options for your project. Trust Amilano as your reliable partner for sauna construction and renovation.