Saunaöfen Harvia Legend Home XE
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Sauna Heater Harvia Legend Home XE

Stylish universal Harvia Legend Home XE is suitable for saunas with a capacity of 6 to 18 m3 - depending on the model chosen. The maximum load of stones is 100 kg (which are not included into the set).

Pay attention: for the models without remote control you’ll need to purchase a separate control unit, otherwise you won’t be able to use your sauna heater.
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Harvia Xenio WiFi CX001

Harvia Xenio WiFi CX001


Connection cable

Silicon Cables. Specify the desired number of meters.

Silicon Cables. Specify the desired number of meters.

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If there are uninsulated stone / glass or similar surfaces in the walls or ceiling of the sauna, the heater will require more energy. For each non-insulated square meter of area, 1.2 cubic meters is added to the volume of the sauna.
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Harvia Legend XE sauna electric heater is a device that successfully combines Finnish traditions of taking a steam with state-of-the-art technological advances. The hull made of durable steel mesh is not only functional, but looks great as well. This design of the electric heater easily fits into any room. And the shape (narrow and high) provides an opportunity to install the entire construction right in the middle of the room, directly into the sauna benches or in the corner — everything is possible. However, when you install it in the middle of the sauna or into the bench, it’s necessary to mount an additional protective construction — a fence protecting visitors from burns.

Control particularities for Harvia Legend XE

The electric heater of this model is sold with ‘Xenio’ digital panel. To make the control in the dark simple, it is equipped with touch buttons with backlight. This panel helps you regulate the temperature, lighting, heater’s operating time, etc. For remote control, you need to buy a removable ‘HARVIA XENIO WIFI CX001’ control panel, which allows you to enable the function of the delayed start, or launch the system remotely. The control panel itself is placed either inside or outside the sauna. In the first case, it can additionally perform the functions of a digital thermometer for sauna.

Power and load with stones of Harvia Legend XE sauna electric heater

‘Harvia Legend XE’ sauna electric heater is available in two versions. The first one is a device with a power of 6.8 kW that is suitable for rooms with a volume of           6-10 cubic meters. And the second one is the 10.8 kW heater used for rooms with a volume of 9-18 cubic meters. For both versions, the maximum load of stones is 100 kg. It’s good to use ‘Harvia’ stones, because they are most suitable in terms of material, size, and the shape of individual elements.

Benefits of Harvia Legend XE

There are different reasons for ‘Harvia Legend XE’ sauna electric oven to be your good choice:

  • Convenient digital control. With it, you can think less about various settings and just enjoy taking a steam in excellent conditions.
  • The control unit is built into the oven itself (at the bottom) and doesn’t require placement in a dry room. That’s a great benefit compared to the separate control panels, where the control unit must be mounted in an individual room. This model is perfect for sauna barrels and garden baths for which the control unit can’t be mounted outside the sauna.
  • It’s possible to control not only by the panel, but also via a mobile application, which makes remote tasks even easier.
  • Highest level of security. The technology has been tested for all possible scenarios of operation.
  • Long-lasting and durable steel hull that retains its original state for years.
  • Thick and enjoyable steam that is created because of the large number of stones. If you have your own high standards considering the process of taking a steam, then you will be happy with this electric heater model.

The electric sauna heater of ‘Harvia Legend XE’ model is an outstanding example of how one device combines all the benefits that have great importance for the customer.

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