Sauna Heater Harvia The Wall Combi 4,5kW / 7,0 kW / 9,0 kW - 825,38 €

Sauna Heater Harvia The Wall Combi 4,5kW / 7,0 kW / 9,0 kW

Sauna Heater Harvia The Wall Combi has a classic design. The recommended size of the sauna room 3 m³ - 14 m³. The maximum amount of stones – 20 kg.
Stones are not included
Pay attention: for the models without remote control you’ll need to purchase a separate control unit, otherwise you won’t be able to use your sauna heater.
VAT included
 2 - 7 work­ing days

The Wall Combi sauna heater is a new heater equipped with a steamer in the wall heater range, which has become a Harvia product family in its own right. The integrated steamer of the Wall Combi heater generates and maintains steady humidity in the sauna – with precision down to the percentage. The steam makes the sauna heat more pleasant, providing a soft and humid bathing experience. You can add fragrances to the stone cup of the sauna heater.

  • Stainless steel exterior
  • Durable, long-lasting and easy to maintain
  • A separate, integrated control unit controlled steamer on the front of the sauna heater
  • Safe and easy drainage of the steamer water container
  • The front of the Combi heater opens completely for easy cleaning of the water container
  • Automatic filling of the water reservoir in models SW45SA, SW70SA and SA90SA
  • Recommended control units: Harvia Xafir Combi and Xenio Combi
  • Steam production can be adjusted in one-degree steps on the control unit, regardless of the temperature of the Stone space of the heater
  • The heater can also be used as a traditional sauna heater without the steamer function
  • A stone cup designated for fragrances on the front.

For more information please read manual.

Stones are not included 

Suitable control units:

  • HARVIA C105S (Combi)
  • HARVIA CS110C (Combi)
  • HARVIA CX110C (Combi) 
Data sheet
Sauna room height min:
1900 mm

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