Huum Uku Glass Black Wi-Fi

Huum Uku Glass Black Wi-fi

A stylish black glass display on the control panel and a remote-control functionality used via a mobile application make for a winning combination.

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HUUM UKU control panel GLASS, Gold

HUUM UKU control panel GLASS, Gold

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UKU Glass Black Wi-Fi remote sauna control unit makes sauna heating very easy and comfortable. With UKU GB you can heat your sauna on the spot or do it from your phone through mobile app. In order to use the mobile app solution, UKU GB needs to be connected to a Wi-Fi network.

  • for heaters up to 18 kW;
  • remote control via mobile app; Android / iOS;
  • connectable to lights;
  • unlimited users;
  • door magnet;
  • overheating protection;
  • timer;
  • child safety lock.

Control panel data cable length - 3 meters (extendable)

Thermostat sensor wire length - 5 meters (extendable)

How to use the controller?

To turn on the control panel, start or end the heating, press the button once briefly.
Go to the settings menu (press and hold the button for 10 seconds) to set the desired heating period. You can choose between heating times of 3, 8 and 12 hours. By default, the heating period is set to 3 hours.
To choose the temperature, just turn the knob. The number displayed in the upper right corner of the screen is the target temperature of the sauna. The current temperature is displayed in the center of the screen.
Press the button to start heating.
You can also use the timer to decide when do you want the sauna to start heating. To activate the timer function, press and hold the button for 3 seconds. Then, choose what time would you like the heating to start and switch the timer on with a single short press on the button.
During heating, the screen is always active and a heating icon will appear above the temperature value.
The control console will turn off automatically after the heating or when you have stopped using the button without heating.
You can access other functions, such as vaporiser, lighting and child lock from the settings menu. To open the settings menu, press and hold the button for 10 seconds.


You can select the vaporiser function from the settings menu.
When the vaporiser function is selected, you can increase the steam output by pressing and holding the button and turning it to the right. To reduce steam output, press and hold the button and turn it to the left. In the lower left corner, the setting is shown from 1 to 10.
Heat intensity is displayed as an indicator in the lower left corner (from 1 to 10).


Hold the button down for 10 seconds to select the lighting function from the settings menu.
When the lighting function is selected, you can turn the light on and off with two quick button presses.

Child lock

The child lock can be turned on from the settings menu.
When activated, the child lock will automatically turn on when the screen of the control console turns off.
To activate the screen while the child lock is on, press and hold the button and turn it 15 degrees to the right, then 15 degrees to the left and then back.

Connecting to the mobile app

UKU Wi-Fi and UKU GSM can be connected to HUUM mobile app to heat the sauna comfortably from your phone.
To connect UKU Wi-FI to the mobile app, see UKU Wi-Fi chapter.
To connect UKU GSM to the mobile app, see UKU GSM chapter.

What is the difference between UKU Local, UKU Wi-FI and UKU GSM controllers?

The only difference between UKU Local, UKU Wi-Fi and UKU GSM controllers concerns controlling the sauna from HUUM mobile app. With UKU Local you can control your sauna only from the control panel on the wall, but with UKU Wi-FI and UKU GSM you can heat your sauna from HUUM mobile app as well. UKU Wi-Fi controller needs a Wi-Fi connection for that and UKU GSM works with a SIM card and mobile data. 

Can I use a HUUM controller with another manufacturer’s heater?

Yes, if the heater works with a remote control and it has a temperature control function. If you have a mechanical heater, it is a lot more complicated and we do not recommend it.

Do HUUM controllers work with combi heaters?

Yes. See the controller manual for installing the controller and connecting it to your combi heater.

What is included in the set?

UKU controller comes with a complete set of all the parts that are needed for installing and using it:

  • control console (105 x 55 x 22 mm),
  • control console cable (3 m; 4 x 0,34 mm² ),
  • main module (142 x 90 x 58 mm),
  • temperature sensor,
  • door sensor,
  • temperature/door sensor cable (5 + 5m; 2 x 0,22 mm²).

Where should the controller be installed?

The control panel must be installed outside the steam room at the user’s eye level next to the door or according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
The main module should be installed in a dry place that is easy to access. We do not recommend installing the main module in the sauna room. Doing so will be at your own risk.
If you are planning to install UKU Wi-Fi or UKU GSM controller, it is important to make sure that the main module will be able to establish an internet connection in the chosen location.

How to use mobile app

With HUUM mobile app you can heat your sauna comfortably from wherever you are. You can choose the beginning and end time of the heating, set the desired temperature and check the sauna temperature in real-time. HUUM mobile app works with UKU Wi-Fi and UKU GSM controllers.

1.Download HUUM mobile app on your phone Google Play or App Store (or open HUUM web application)

2. Sign up

Fill in the required fields and create an account.

3. Insert sauna ID and sauna code

You can find the ID number and the code number on the cover of the main module. UKU Wi-Fi will connect to the mobile app instantly if it is already connected to a Wi-Fi network. UKU GSM controller will establish a mobile data connection in 30 minutes.

4. Select heating time and temperature

The app allows you to set the desired temperature and the beginning and end time of the heating.

5. Your sauna is heating

You can check the sauna temperature in real-time from the app. A notification will let you know when the sauna is ready.

6. Keep your app updated

Make sure to update your app regularly so that it can function well. We recommend switching on automatic updates.

Can the mobile application convert the UKU Local control system to UKU Wi-Fi control system?

you can activate software that converts UKU Local to UKU Wi-Fi by purchasing from the mobile app. This update does not require a technician to be called.

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