Set Saunaofen Huum HIVE Heat 12 LS (entspricht 2.Bimschv) und Steine 60 kg - 1,441.85
-€200.00 Pack

Set Sauna Woodburning Stove Huum Hive Heat LS 12 kW and Stones 60 kg

The set includes:

  • Woodburning Heater For Sauna Huum Hive Heat LS 12 kW;
  • Narvi Rounded Stones, For Sauna 5-10 cm, 15 kg.

The Stove Huum Hive Heat LS 12 kW has a classic design and is suitable for smaller woodburning saunas. The recommended size of the sauna room is 6,0 m³ - 13,0 m³ and the maximum amount of stones is 90 kg.

€1,441.85 €1,641.85
VAT included
 2 - 7 work­ing days



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If there are uninsulated stone / glass or similar surfaces in the walls or ceiling of the sauna, the heater will require more energy. For each non-insulated square meter of area, 1.2 cubic meters is added to the volume of the sauna.
Room size Room size
width (m)
depth (m)
height (m)
Construction Construction
My sauna is made of logs ?
My sauna has a glass door ?
Fire wall or non-insulated walls
square (m3) ?
Bake Bake
The estimated volume of your sauna room is 0 m3.

HIVE HEAT is a highly efficient wood-burning sauna stove for smaller saunas. It has a unique structure where fresh air is conducted into the burning process from above to create a strong flame. This allows the burning to be very clean and makes sure that all the wood gets burned and no wood gas escapes the chimney and goes to waste like it often does with less efficient stoves. The furnace door is made of cast iron which is very resistant and easy to maintain. HIVE HEAT complies with BimSchV II, the German standard for wood-burning stoves. The sauna stove is treated only with natural oils without the use of chemicals.

  • Unique structure for efficient burning
  • Treated only with natural oils
  • Model HIVE HEAT 12 LS allows heating from another room
  • Complies with BimSchV II

Narvi Rounded Stones

  • Olivine diabase of best quality
  • Produces light steam
  • Crystal clear
  • Do not crumble and dusts
  • Suitable for electric and wood burning stoves
  • 15kg 

Rounded diabase stones, should be placed on top of the heater or wood burning stove and cover around 1/3 of space. Other space of 2/3 in the bottom and in the middle part of the heater, should be covered with average, standard sauna stones. When the water seeps between the stones and drains to the bottom of underlying stones it forms a soft and pleasurably steam. The top surface of the heater or wood burner, should be covered with diabase stones. The steam will come from every stone, turning into a light, ethereal cloud of steam. In total, you will need to put around 20 kg of stones to cover the top surface of the heater and prevent water from fast leaking between the stones.

1 Item
Data sheet
Sauna room min:
6 m³
Sauna room max:
13 m³
450 mm
750 mm
640 mm
67 kg
Stone capacity max,:
90 kg
Safety distance to sides and back / wood and bricks:
250/900 mm
Diameter of smoke outlet:
130 mm
Maximum length of firewood:
300 mm
nklusive 2. BimSchV
Country of origin

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