infrared cabins

8 - 21 work­ing days
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Alaska Corner Infra + Sauna Cabin (2060 x 2060 x 2040 mm) is equipped with two full-spectrum IR emitters of red light. The power of each radiator is 350 W. There is a remote control for immediate controlling. The allowable power of the heater is 7.5-9 kW. The stove is not included into the set - it must be purchased separately.  The cabin is made of solid spruce, decorated in linden inside (Prestige interior) – both materials are safe, resistant to elevated temperature and humidity. They create a pleasant and healthy indoor climate. 

IR-cabins are relatively small, ready-made saunas that are heated not by ovens, but by special IR-radiators. Their rays aren’t visible to human eyes, but they go deep into the body and provide its warming up. These radiators heat the objects, not air, which makes the process more efficient. This is not only a harmless technology, but also a very useful one. And it gains more and more popularity all over the world.

How does infrared radiation affects our health?

Long-wave radiation is used for the cabins. They penetrate deeply into the human body, thus increasing its internal temperature and improving various processes. For example, taking a steam in infrared cabins provides more active heart work, improves metabolic processes and eliminates toxins from the body. If we comprehensively evaluate the effects given by the infrared heating on the body, then it can be said that it helps to improve wellness and health, as well as slows down the aging process. And this is not to mention that the procedure makes you feel relaxed and allows you to relieve fatigue and stress.

Benefits of IR-cabins

The major benefits of these solutions are as follows:

  • as mentioned above, the cabins positively affect your health;
  • they are compact, so you don’t have to find a lot of space for the cabin;
  • it’s very easy to install the cabin compared to conventional baths and saunas. In particular, infrared cabins are way more easier considering their installation in comparison with bathes in which wood models of ovens are mounted;
  • comprehensive turnkey solutions. In our store you can purchase all the necessary items at once and your choice will take a minimum of time;
  • availability of ready-made solutions. It’s not necessary to built infrared cabins from scratch. They are completely ready for use, so you see how much money you are about to spend.

To use IR-cabins for your house or apartment is an excellent choice. If you want to enjoy the heat and improve your health, it will be difficult to come up with an equivalent alternative.