Sauna Cabin Phönix Medium 130x100x200 Cm - 3,295.00

Sauna Cabin Phönix Medium 130x100x200 Cm

PHÖNIX MEDIUM sauna cabin of 130 x 100 x 200 cm, is a unique solution. For its creation, a high-quality cedar (both inside and outside) has been used. Six full-spectrum radiators (1900 W) have been installed in the sauna. The system can be controlled using the build-in remote control.

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If there are uninsulated stone / glass or similar surfaces in the walls or ceiling of the sauna, the heater will require more energy. For each non-insulated square meter of area, 1.2 cubic meters is added to the volume of the sauna.
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Lighting and other technical issues

LED lighting is provided on the sauna ceiling, while a user can choose the backlight shade according to his taste. The technical solutions also include an automatic trigger fan, an MP3 player and a radio. The player can be supplemented with an SD memory card; it also has a USB port. Infrared emitters are made using certified Seibersdorf technology. All heating elements can be regulated and adjusted.

Sauna Filling and the Door 

Inside, a comfortable 42 cm wide bench of cedar has been already installed. The door of 592 x 1866 x 6 mm is made of durable tempered glass and opens to the right. The glass is tinted, part of the surface is matte - just at the level where shelves are placed and visitors will be located.

Medium-sized sauna is thoroughly thought-out. It is easy to look after such a cabin, there are also no difficulties when adjusting of a microclimate.


  • Small: 5 IR full-spectrum light 1,600 W
  • Medium: 6 IR full-spectrum light 1,900 W
  • Large: 7 IR full-spectrum light 2,600 W
  • Interior digital control unit
  • Door hinge on right


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