Infrared sauna elements

2 - 7 work­ing days
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EOS  infrared element with glass-ceramic Philips frame made of stainless steel is very modern and convenient because it might be set both into the corner and into wall of infrared cabin. Wave’s generation is  1.4 – 10 µm. Element’s serfice is well protected against a possible contact. The kit icludes:
2 - 7 work­ing days
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The Harvia Comfort infrared radiator brings gentle heat to your infrared cabin. The infrared radiator is equipped with a light and is easy to install. Its flock-coated surface is comfortable and safe. The core of the infrared radiator is a tube-type heating element specially designed for Harvia infrared cabins. Price for 1 piece
2 - 7 work­ing days
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The Harvia Carbon infrared heater brings gentle heat to your infrared cabin. The Carbon infrared radiator is a thin carbon fibre heating element that heats up quickly as the current passes through it. It can be installed into a dry space, e.g. onto wall panels. Along with the Comfort model, the Carbon infrared radiator is suitable for custom-made Harvia infrared cabins. Price for 1 piece

Visiting of an infrared sauna is a procedure that has been becoming increasingly popular in spas. Such kind of a sauna is totally different from the usual one, because special infrared elements are responsible for performance in this case. A human body is heated up by heat waves emitted - they affect not the air, but the objects and the body. Such waves are able to heat up tissues up to 4 centimetres deep. For comparison: in the Finnish bath the heating level will be no more than 5 mm.

In an infrared cabin, a person sweats a lot, while slags and toxins are actively eliminated from the body - up to 20% with liquid compared to 5% of losses in a conventional bathhouse. 

Infrared elements influence: how favourable is it?

There is considerable debate on how the infrared rays affect a human’s body. Serious research suggests that when used properly, they bring a lot of benefit to a person. But the result depends on several factors: the wavelength, the duration of the session and the individual characteristics of a person. 

Optimal wavelength from infrared heating elements

Scientists have calculated that the most effective and at the same time safe wavelength in an infrared sauna should correspond to the common range for humans. Since the body itself emits rays from 6 to 20 microns in length, the best option for a sauna is 7-14 microns. And most of the settings corresponds to this indicator. However, we should realize that correct settings of the emitters are not all the necessary conditions for the safe influence of the cabin on the human body.

Optimal session duration

The maximum duration of the session in an infrared sauna should not exceed 30 minutes. For people who have heart problems, blood vessels issues, as well as brain disorders, this time is reduced to 10 min maximum. In general, it is much better to break a sauna visit into several sessions for 5-10 minutes, then the health effects will be as beneficial as possible.

Individual features to be taken into account before visiting an infrared sauna

Such kind of a sauna is not recommended for people who feel discomfort from any thermal radiation. If health condition changes for the worse, some pains or reactions that look like allergies occur, or you feeling all floaty, you must leave sauna immediately. It can be simply a one-time reaction, but if it repeats, try not to make experiments anymore.

The benefits and therapeutic effects of infrared emitters

Visiting of an infrared cabin provides a number of advantages:

Strengthening blood vessels and improving blood circulation.

Improve sleep, positive effects on the nervous system. For example, an infrared sauna is very useful during severe stress periods, during depression.

Significant immunity enhancement.

Acceleration of regeneration processes. The body recovers faster after various injuries.

Effective recovery after strenuous physical exercise, which is especially useful for athletes.

Removal or reduction of pain syndromes.

Marked reduction or elimination of cellulite, smoothing of skin. The body becomes more elastic and young.

Expanding and cleansing of the pores, so that in many cases it is possible to solve problems with acne and acne.

Weight loss. 20-30 minutes Infrared saunas are equivalent to ten minutes of running in terms of calories burned.

Beneficial effect on joints’ state.

Improvement of internal organs, especially respiratory organs.

When the influence of infrared heating elements can be undesirable?

Like any other method of exposure to the body, it has certain contraindications. These include:

  1.  Fever with any disease.
  2.  All diseases in the acute stage.
  3.  Some heart, blood vessels, kidneys and liver diseases.
  4.  Bleeding of any nature (including menstruation).
  5.  Benign and malignant tumours.
  6.  The presence of any diseases associated with parasites.
  7.  Infectious diseases.
  8.  Suppurations and other problems with tissues, skin (rash, irritation, etc.).
  9.  Alcoholism, or simply a state of alcoholic or drug intoxication.

If you have a medical condition, consult with your doctor before visiting the infrared cabin and follow the recommendations.