Infrared Heating Elements Harvia Carbon 380 W - 77,25 €

Infrared Heating Elements Harvia Carbon 380 W

The Harvia Carbon infrared heater brings gentle heat to your infrared cabin. The Carbon infrared radiator is a thin carbon fibre heating element that heats up quickly as the current passes through it. It can be installed into a dry space, e.g. onto wall panels. Along with the Comfort model, the Carbon infrared radiator is suitable for custom-made Harvia infrared cabins.

Price for 1 piece

€77.25 -10% €85.83
VAT included
 2 - 7 work­ing days



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If there are uninsulated stone / glass or similar surfaces in the walls or ceiling of the sauna, the heater will require more energy. For each non-insulated square meter of area, 1.2 cubic meters is added to the volume of the sauna.
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For those in need of quick and gentle heat

Infrared warmth has several positive health effects. For example, it relieves muscle tension and makes you feel good. You can easily build your own infrared cabin with Harvia equipment.

The Harvia infrared system consists of infrared radiators and the Griffin Infra control unit. Three different models of infrared radiators are available. The Comfort model is equipped with a light, and its flock-coated surface is comfortable and safe.

The Basic model is similar to the Comfort model, except that is does not have a light. The Carbon infrared radiator is a thin carbon fiber heating element that heats quickly as the current passes through it. It can be installed for instance over panelling, as it is only 4 mm thick. All models are easy to install.

The Harvia infrared radiators are of tested Harvia quality, very reliable, durable, and long-lasting.

An infrared cabin is ready for use almost immediately. Just switch it on from the digital Griffin Infra control panel, and you can enjoy the pleasant warmth within a few moments.

Harvia designs infrared cabin for chosen space and according to given measurements. Ask for an offer for a customised infrared cabin.

Infrared radiator Carbon:

  • Size 400 x 4 x 1000 mm (w x d x h);
  • Output: 380 W, 230 V 1N~;
  • Wavelength range: 4000–17000 nm.
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