2 - 7 work­ing days
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EOS  infrared element with glass-ceramic Philips frame made of stainless steel is very modern and convenient because it might be set both into the corner and into wall of infrared cabin. Wave’s generation is  1.4 – 10 µm. Element’s serfice is well protected against a possible contact. The kit icludes:
2 - 7 work­ing days
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The Harvia Comfort infrared radiator brings gentle heat to your infrared cabin. The infrared radiator is equipped with a light and is easy to install. Its flock-coated surface is comfortable and safe. The core of the infrared radiator is a tube-type heating element specially designed for Harvia infrared cabins. Price for 1 piece
2 - 7 work­ing days
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The Harvia Carbon infrared heater brings gentle heat to your infrared cabin. The Carbon infrared radiator is a thin carbon fibre heating element that heats up quickly as the current passes through it. It can be installed into a dry space, e.g. onto wall panels. Along with the Comfort model, the Carbon infrared radiator is suitable for custom-made Harvia infrared cabins. Price for 1 piece
2 - 7 work­ing days
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Harvia Xenio - control units with a touch control panel The control panel of the Xenio control unit provides a modern and subtly stylish interface for controlling the heart of the sauna, be it a traditional electric heater, Combi heater with a steamer or infrared radiator. The compact yet clear touch control panel can be surface-mounted in almost any space – sauna room, bathroom, dressing room, or even the living room. The control panel shows you when the sauna is at the right temperature for bathing.
8 - 21 work­ing days
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Alaska Corner Infra + Sauna Cabin (2060 x 2060 x 2040 mm) is equipped with two full-spectrum IR emitters of red light. The power of each radiator is 350 W. There is a remote control for immediate controlling. The allowable power of the heater is 7.5-9 kW. The stove is not included into the set - it must be purchased separately.  The cabin is made of solid spruce, decorated in linden inside (Prestige interior) – both materials are safe, resistant to elevated temperature and humidity. They create a pleasant and healthy indoor climate. 

IR-baths, also known as IR-saunas or infrared saunas, are relatively small wooden cabins equipped with special IR-radiators. And that’s because of these radiators the bath is heated. But it’s not only about the space, but the body of the person inside the sauna. Infrared waves are part of the light spectrum and are invisible. That’s why it’s so comfortable to be in such saunas.

The lengths of the waves emitted by the radiators can be different. Hence, there are several radiation types: long (50-200 micrometers), medium (2.5-50 micrometers) and short (up to 2.5 microns). Long waves are very similar to the heat given off by our own bodies and, because of that, are considered to be the safest for us. These are such solutions that are widely used in infrared saunas. They don’t bring any harm, but have lots of benefits and allow us to simply enjoy.

How does infrared radiation affect our body?

In infrared sauna, the temperature doesn’t go above 50 degrees Celsius, while the body warms up well due to the IR-waves. They go deep into the body tissues (up to 40 mm) and warm you up very smoothly and safely. And the body temperature rises up to just 38.5 degrees.

Such a type of heating:

  • kills undesirable microorganisms;
  • contributes to metabolic processes and they become more active;
  • slows down the aging process;
  • helps to prevent various diseases.

As a result, a person feels much better. And if you visit infrared saunas on a regular basis, you can also see the positive changes considering how you look like.

State-of-the-art IR-baths are presented in our catalog. But the best!

In this section you will find IR-baths from trusted manufacturers. Natural and eco-friendly materials, reliable assembly, well-thought filling — all of this applies to the items and units presented in our catalog. We are glad to offer you infrared saunas that will make your rest and health care even more enjoyable!