2 - 7 work­ing days
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Carefree sauna Kingspan SPU Sauna is suitable for insulating sauna walls and ceilings as well as the ceiling surfaces of other rooms containing plumbing. The insulation boards can also be used in other spaces as the interior insulation layer of structures with panel cladding. Kingspan SPU Sauna is suitable for use in new building and renovation alike.
2 - 7 work­ing days
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Even structure and low post-expansion. Very good adherence on various building materials. High-quality result under various weather conditions.   Field of application: Installation and insulation of doors. Feedthroughs of pipes and cables.

Sauna Insulation and Ventilation - COMFORT AND SAFETY

The insulation of a sauna plays one of the most important roles. It must keep the sauna warm, as there's nothing worse than a cold sauna. Therefore, the decision for insulation should be taken responsibly, using only quality materials.

Insulation Work in the Sauna

Thermal insulation of the sauna is a crucial phase in sauna construction, and the most suitable for this purpose is the insulation panel SPU Sauna-Satu, which can also be installed by oneself. This material is perfect for insulating damp areas and is used for walls and ceilings.

They are thinner than typical insulation panels and save space in the room. Additionally, they are easy to install, even for inexperienced individuals.

This is how the SPU Sauna-Satu is assembled:

  • Apply sealing compound only on clean floors and place a panel. Use a level for this. The label on the panel should face the interior of the room, the groove should be at the top, and the tongue at the bottom should be removed.
  • Secure the panel using dowels and screws.
  • Fill the groove with sealing compound and insert the next panel. When assembling, follow the "groove and tongue" principle.
  • The adhesive should cover all surfaces that are being connected.
  • Excess sealing compound must be removed after assembly.
  • Seal all seams with aluminum adhesive tape.
  • The space for the boards of the benches should be slightly larger than the boards and should be cut out. The support boards are installed in the wall joints using dowels and sealing compound.
  • Beams for cladding are screwed into the insulation panels.
  • Remove the aluminum coating 15-20 cm above the floor with a horizontal cut to later lay tiles.
  • Treat the area without aluminum coating with primer and then with hydrosealing.
  • Tiles can now be laid on the lower part of the wall.
  • The SPU Sauna-Satu panels for the ceiling are installed using the same principle as those for the walls.

For sauna cladding, profiled wood is used. The wood should contain little resin, be flexible in construction, sturdy, and resistant to heat and moisture. The best types of wood that meet all the above properties are Aspen, Thermally Treated Aspen, Alder, and Abachi.