Saunaofen Harvia 20 Pro Deutschland Set Inkl. Schutz, Steine Und Schornsteinsystem
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Wood Burning Heater Harvia 20 Pro, Incl. Protection, Stones And Chimney

The set includes HARVIA 20 PRO Heater, BIMSCHV-KIT air pollution control device (level 2), WHP1500 Modular Steel Chimney, Protective sheaths for woodburning and HARVIA brand stones. This basic set is suitable for saunas with a volume from 8 to 20 m³, with a minimum height of 196 cm. The kit includes two packs of stones of 20 kg each; the maximum capacity of a stove is 40 kg exactly.


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Modular Chimney Whp1000 | Whp1000m

Modular Chimney Whp1000 | Whp1000m

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Modular Chimney Whp500 | Whp500m

Modular Chimney Whp500 | Whp500m

€194.67 €175.20



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If there are uninsulated stone / glass or similar surfaces in the walls or ceiling of the sauna, the heater will require more energy. For each non-insulated square meter of area, 1.2 cubic meters is added to the volume of the sauna.
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HARVIA 20 PRO Heater

The main characteristics of the stove:

  • Fast heating up of the premise. On average, a steam bath warms up in 50 minutes up to 90 degrees. This is facilitated both by the optimal design of the heater and high-quality, even heating up of the stones.
  • Adjustable legs. The stability of the furnace can be ensured even on the rough floor.
  • Protection of the heater against overheating, resistance of the case to high temperatures and humidity.
  • Efficiency of fuel consumption. Firewood and briquettes are suitable for this model. They burn slowly, so that the system maintains the necessary temperature for a long time.
  • A transparent glass door through which you can observe the fire burning.

HARVIA 20 PRO Heater is made of high-quality steel, does not cause any difficulties in operation, and ensures long-lasting service. The main color of the design is black, but there are some light metallic inserts. The design looks plain but stylish, and therefore suitable for any bathhouse.

BIMSCHV-KIT and Stones

BIMSCHV-KIT device is designed for additional protection of the environment from emissions that are emitted to the atmosphere with combustion products. This effective and reliable solution has proven itself.

WHP1500 Modular Steel Chimney is suitable for wood-heated stoves, small fireplaces and and iron stoves. The chimney pipe dimension of the external part is 22 cm, the inside pipe diameter is 11.5 cm. The permissible temperature of the outgoing gases and smoke is 600 C. The safe distance to flammable products and materials is 10 cm.

HARVIA stones, which are included into the set, are ideal for this type of a stove. They are of the right size and shape, which allows to accumulate a lot of heat and hold it for a long time. The stones give off heat even when the fire in the stove has ceased to burn.

Buying a set for a bathhouse or sauna is convenient and beneficial investment, if the products are selected by professionals. In this case, you get a ready-made set of basic designs with a good discount.

Protective sheaths for woodburning

Protective sheaths for woodburning stThe protective sheaths for woodburning stoves significantly shorten the safety distances to burning material – in practice, this helps the stove fit into a smaller space. The protective sheath is attached to the stove and shaped around it, which makes the whole stove look sleeker. Each stove model has its own protective sheath, which is why no compromises were necessary in the development of the design or the protection capability. They also have an excellent price/performance ratio.

The protective sheath is available both as a full version and as a one-side sheath, which can be installed on either side of the stove. The material used in protective sheaths is a steel plate painted black. If the floor also needs shielding, the black protective bedding WL100 is a solution that goes well with the stove’s style.

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