LED additional equipments

8 - 21 work­ing days
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Experience the Power of Color changing LED Lights at your fingertips.  RGB WIRELES LED Controller, has been exclusively designed to offer the highest technology in LED Control lighting and Color mixing in a wireless controller. This state of the art RGB controller, lets you control any LED lights with RGB protocol, like RGB LED light Strips,RGB  LED modules, Outdoor Garden Lights, etc. The hand held remote has 2 preset programs: Relax mode and Party Mode. With Relax mode the RGB LED WIRELESS Controller, generates a smooth color fading sequence through 64,000 colors. Brightness levels can be adjusted as well. With Party Mode, colors change without fading in a more energetic sequence, perfect for Party Time with friends.  In wet place should be covered in plastic, waterproof boxes.
8 - 21 work­ing days
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This product uses pairing coding, ultra high frequency encryption eliminates environ mental interference. Remote control range is up to 50 meters, not obstructed by walls, capable of connecting ant loads. Remote controller and switch can be used simultaneously for easy and flexibility.

LED Accessories

To set up LED lighting in the sauna, you'll need to install additional equipment that ensures uninterrupted and safe illumination.

Amilano online store offers:

  • Transformers
  • Power Supplies
  • Wireless Controllers
  • Remote Controls

All LED equipment is resistant to high temperatures, waterproof, and safe for skin contact. The equipment has an additional margin of durability and will serve for an extended period when used as intended. For the proper functioning of the entire sauna lighting system, it's advisable to entrust the installation to professionals.