Massiv Sauna

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5 - 12 work­ing days
Alaska Corner Infra + Sauna Cabin (2060 x 2060 x 2040 mm) is equipped with two full-spectrum IR emitters of red light. The power of each radiator is 350 W. There is a remote control for immediate controlling. The allowable power of the heater is 7.5-9 kW. The stove is not included into the set - it must be purchased separately.  The cabin is made of solid spruce, decorated in linden inside (Prestige interior) – both materials are safe, resistant to elevated temperature and humidity. They create a pleasant and healthy indoor climate. 
5 - 12 work­ing days
Komfort Corner is a corner sauna cabin (2060 x 2060 x 2040 mm) , which is made of spruce and decorated with linden inside. For this model, a stylish and expensive-looking interior Prestige has been chosen. A stove of 7.5-9 kW is suitable for this cabin. Follow this recommendation when buying a heater (it is not included).
€3,415.71 -€289.71
5 - 12 work­ing days
Komfort Small cabin has compact dimensions of 2080 x 1580 x 2040 mm . The frame is made of spruce, but the door (590 x 1915 x 8 mm) and the insert in the wall (506 x 1776 x 8 mm) are made of solid tempered glass. The cabin interior casing is of the best varieties of lime. The design is suitable for installation of 6 kW electric sauna heater.
€4,196.00 -€751.00
5 - 12 work­ing days
Polaris Large is a spacious sauna cabin with dimensions of 2340 x 2060 x 2040 mm . The design of solid spruce is equipped with a durable roof element with a rim, and Prestige interior has been implemented in it. For this, beautiful and solid linden has been selected. A 7.5-9 kW heater is installed in this cab (purchased separately).
€3,562.94 -€313.94
5 - 12 work­ing days
Polaris Small (206x206x204 cm) cabin is the perfect choice for those who appreciate quality. Since a heater in the set is not for sale, it will have to be purchased - a 9 kW solution will do. The inner part is made of spruce, and for finishing, the manufacturer has chosen the best grade of lime (the ceiling is also made of spruce).