NARVI Sauna Stoves

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NARVI NC The Narvi NC wood burning stove is distinguished by its simple and timeless design. The stove will fit equally well in a traditional or modern sauna. The stove casing is painted graphite-grey and has a glass door encased in black cast iron, a black frontal panel of the ash box and a steel frame around the stones section. The fire chamber has a novel form that ensures more efficient and cleaner combustion.

Best Selection of Narvi Wood-burning Stoves in Germany

Narvi wood-burning stoves offer maximum comfort at an affordable price. They fully meet all the requirements that sauna and bathhouse enthusiasts may have. The brand's products combine Finnish national traditions, reliability, quality, and technology. Buying Narvi wood-burning stoves is not only for their excellent technical characteristics but also for their attractive design.

Features and Characteristics of Narvi Wood-burning Stoves

Among various parameters such as reliability, power, efficiency, and more, the element of design, i.e., attractiveness, is almost always lost. With Narvi, you don't have to adjust the overall interior to fit the stove, as it complements well with rooms decorated in different styles.

Buying Narvi wood-burning stoves for the sauna is worth it due to several positive features that distinguish them from most other manufacturers' offerings:

  • Safety is ensured by using tested and high-quality materials such as cast iron, COR-TEN high-strength steel, and fireproof glass.
  • The external casing is made of aluminum-zinc-coated steel, ensuring its durability.
  • The built-in or additional tank is made of high-quality steel resistant to corrosion and will not leak for at least 15 years from the start of use.
  • Ceramic bricks or natural stone are used as the heating element.
  • The brand's range includes stoves for single heating sessions and continuous burning, allowing you to choose according to your preferences and needs.
  • Maintenance is easy, especially for models with enamel surfaces, which are easy to clean, even in cases of dirt accumulation.
  • The presence of an enamel layer provides additional protection against corrosion and reinforces the stove's outer layer.
  • Various models are available in different sizes, from large constructions for spacious rooms to compact fireplace-style options.

The manufacturer pays special attention to the eco-friendliness and cost-effectiveness of their products. Narvi wood-burning stoves are equipped with a unique air circulation system, ensuring the maximum combustion of wood and residual gases, reducing the emission of harmful substances into the environment.

Thanks to the supply of air into the combustion chamber, the fuel burns almost completely, releasing maximum energy to heat the stove's surface, as well as the stones or bricks. This accelerates the heating process and reduces wood consumption.

How to Arrange Delivery of Narvi Wood-burning Stoves to Germany and Europe

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