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2 - 7 work­ing days
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Unique to MSpa’s Inflatable Hot Tub range, the new MSpa Mono CONCEPT collection Bubble spa is constructed from DWF material – providing a stiff and sturdy structure! The Deluxe contemporary wooden texture graphic gives the MSpa Mono Concept a deluxe and luxurious appearance, perfect to sit in your garden and unwind!
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The new MSpa Delight Silver Cloud 2 + 2 features an elegant round design and clean lines, Silver Cloud DELIGHT spa offers a hint of contemporary design that blends well with a wide variety of home or garden decors. The 118 air jets release thousands of bubbles to massage your body, helping you center your mind and release tension in your muscles. This spa also features a built-in control box with one button to inflate within two minutes and no external motor.
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The Camaro Spa features a carbon fibre pattern fabric with the silver satin trim creates a chic design The bath’s lavish size provides ample room to move while the overflow style invites full-body immersion With 118 Air Jets Massage System 700 Litres 1 8m x 0 7m Plug and Play Patented MSP technology (no tools required) easy self-inflation in minutes Integrated control box with wired controller so the Spa doesn’t take any more space then mentioned and everything is at your fingertips without leaving the spa PTC MSpa Patented technology allowing 40 °C Quick Heating Energy Saving Timer Whisper Quiet Design with 3-level adjustable bubble function and 360° staggered air jet design to be surrounded and massaged by bubbles completely allowing a more pleasurable soothing spa experience

The inflatable spa pools are a great alternative to simple but expensive and difficult in caring constructions. Despite the fact that the products are inflated, it has a pretty strong case that holds its shapes well. There are options of pools for different number of people - choose for your company or family, without overpaying for unnecessary opportunities.

The air jets provide an effective hydromassage, giving a feeling of rest and relax. It is not only pleasant, but also extremely good for the health - for the skin condition, the internal organs and the nervous system.

A separate advantage of such spa pools is their neutral and laconic design that will fit well into any garden, will look so good on absolutely any site. And if you want, you can choose a model with body that imitates a wood decoration.

For the control facility of the spa pool, there is a special remote control with several buttons. Any task is solved very quickly and without too much efforts: to blow up, to heat the pool, to manage certain settings - even a beginner with no experience can easily handle it. It is enough to read the instructions one time.

Since the models are inflatable, it can easily transported from place to place, moved on the site, put for storage, without taking up much space. These are very practical and comfortable products that will take the relax quality to a whole new level.