Sauna control panels infrared

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Harvia Xenio - control units with a touch control panel The control panel of the Xenio control unit provides a modern and subtly stylish interface for controlling the heart of the sauna, be it a traditional electric heater, Combi heater with a steamer or infrared radiator. The compact yet clear touch control panel can be surface-mounted in almost any space – sauna room, bathroom, dressing room, or even the living room. The control panel shows you when the sauna is at the right temperature for bathing.

For simple and convenient control of the IR-sauna, different types of sauna control panels infrared units are used. They differ in terms of:

  • settings and functionality;
  • sizes;
  • design;
  • cost, which depends on the above-mentioned parameters.

Given that the buyers increasingly choose IR-saunas, manufacturers have made sure that you can easily set any important parameters. Among them are:

  • the time of turning on and off the cabin;
  • temperature and humidity level (it is important for IR-sauna);
  • operation modes for lighting and ventilation.

If you have a traditional bath or sauna, and you purchase an IR-cabin in addition to them, you can select a control unit that allows you to manage all the systems at once. This is convenient and makes the process of taking a steam as comfortable as possible in any format.

Where can control panels infrared be installed?

Advanced solutions have almost no restrictions. They are mounted both in the sauna itself and in other premises — for example, in the locker room or even in any room of the house. Everything depends on where it is convenient for you to use the control unit and make the necessary settings.

Such control units save a lot of your time, allow you to control all the parameters of infrared sauna, so it takes minimal effort to prepare a steam room. For convenience, you can save one or more constant programs in the system in order to select the necessary settings with just a few clicks.

Control panels for infrared saunas: convenient both at home and in SPA centers

A similar technique to control infrared saunas is used by both private customers and owners of SPA centers.

In our catalog, you can find control units of different types and easily select the one that will successfully complete all the necessary tasks. We sell equipment from trusted brands and do our best to make you satisfied with your purchase. Enjoy the heat in the IR-sauna and don't even think about something that’s unnecessary!