Sauna decorative materials

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5 - 12 work­ing days
Decorative stone - a natural lining material. Environmentally friendly and easy-to-lay. Wild stone looks great both on the facades of buildings, and in the interior. The life time of the lining of wild stone tens for years. It is truly eternal facing material. Repeatedly lining saves the building owner from worries about upgrading it’s facade for many years.   Price for 1 m2
2 - 7 work­ing days
This glue for rock salt bricks is a special 2-component compound powder and is ready for use (to be mixed with the appropriate quantity of water). Price for 1 kg Preparation and use: The glue has the form of powder and is supplied in 1 kg bags in order to facilitate the preparation. Shake the powder in the bad thoroughly to ensure that both components are mixed well. Dissolve the required quantity of powder in water until you reach a saturated, uniform mass. Apply this mass promptly in thin layer to the surface of salt bricks and connect them with the other salt bricks.