Sauna door mouldings

Decorative Moldings for Doors by Amilano

The door frame in the sauna is typically equipped with a decorative molding on the exterior and interior. A wood-trimmed decorated frame looks very beautiful and elegant.

The door moldings are not only decorative, they also conceal fasteners, joints, or cracks after installation. This is especially important in a sauna or steam room where there is a significant temperature difference between adjacent areas. This means that the spaces need to be maximally insulated to prevent heat and steam loss or drafts.

Selection of Wood Moldings for Saunas on the Amilano Online Shop

In the online catalog of Amilano, you will find wood moldings for door frames in steam baths or saunas, which are made from layered wood, making them very durable and long-lasting. When selecting a suitable wood molding, you should only consider your preferences and the room design.

With us, you can purchase wood moldings made of Alder and Aspen. They go well with glass or wooden doors. Sizes and other dimensions will be customized upon ordering.

During installation, you should be aware that wood only has cross-grain swelling. The joints must be executed with a 90-degree angle so that they do not expand over time, ensuring the stability of the structure.

Furthermore, you can also order doors for sauna rooms and related accessories in our online shop.