Saunatür Benelux Magnet

Sauna Door Benelux Magnet 70x190 / 70x200 / 70x210 / 80x190 / 80x200, Frame: Aspen / Alder, Clear / Bronze / Gray

Glass color

The glass is made in three shades: transparent, bronze and gray.


The door width has 70 or 80 cm options.


Available door heights - 190 or 200 centimeters at option.


The STS hinges are made of polished stainless steel. An installation is universal: on the right or left.

Wood species

An alder and aspen are used for the manufacture of frame.

Door handle

The luxury handle: outside it is made of stainless steel, inside - of wood.

VAT included
 2 - 7 work­ing days



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The doors for saunas and baths Benelux Magnet are equipped with a luxury double handle. Outside, polished stainless steel is used, and inside it is wood, which heats less and excludes burns in the steam room.

Magnetic lock

The door is fitted with a silicone sealant with magnet, which is installed on the door frame. A U-shaped profile is used on the glass - it magnetizes to the silicone sealant, providing the structural integrity and smooth closing.


German strong door hinges for sauna have a universal design, due to that you can install the door on the right and left. The hinges surface is matt, they look nice in combination with glass and are unafraid of scratches.


The glass door for sauna is made of tempered glass of 8 mm thick. It can withstand pretty strong shocks and any other stress, including temperature extremes. You can buy the premium doors of this model not only for house, but also for commercial sauna.

There are three glass colors options to choose from: bronze, transparent and gray.


You can buy the doors for sauna from us in four sizes: 70x190, 70x200, 70x210, 80x190, 80x200 cm.


The glass doors for sauna are installed on a wood frame, which is made of alder or aspen. The tree is resistant to the moisture, high temperatures and steam. It doesn’t deform, swell or crack.


The premium doors don’t require complex installation. In the installation, it is important to take into account the rule: you need to install the construction with a small clearance in relation to the floor - 0.5-20 cm. The clearance size depends on the type of ventilation.

Production in Germany

You can get the doors for sauna from us, which are produced according to the highest quality standards. We ourselves manufacture our products and monitor their characteristics for 100%. The strong points of our doors are quality, reliability, durability, safety and, of course, beautiful design.

Doors frame cross section

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