Saunatür Classic

Sauna Door Classic, Frame: Aspen / Alder / Pine, Glass: Clear / Bronze / Gray

Glass color

Glass is in one of three colors: gray, bronze, transparent.


Two options of door width - 60, 70 and 80 cm.


Two options of door height - 190 and 200 cm.


Universal hinges for right-handed or left-handed door installation.

Wood species

An alder, Pine and aspen door frame.

Door handle

The compact round wood handles.

VAT included
 2 - 7 work­ing days



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Scan doors for sauna are fitted with universal aluminum hinges, that allow to install the construction on both the left and right side. The hinges are resistant to moisture, steam and high temperatures.


A round wood handle is installed in the glass sauna doors. The wood doesn’t overheat during the steam room heating, for that reason it is unable to burn your hands. It is safe and well fits with glass canvas.


The door frame for sauna and bath is also made of wood (alder or aspen) - well polished and smooth. The construction is completely protected from cracking and deformation, it tolerates well water and steam.


Gray, bronze or transparent glass (at option) is a tempered material that copes good with mechanical, temperature and chemical stress. Doors for saunas are unafraid of medium shocks, and in case of fatal damage, the canvas doesn’t split apart, but falls to small safe pieces.


Available sizes of doors: 70x190, 70x200, 80x190, 80x200.


Pay attention! You should install this type of door for sauna with a clearance rather than close to the floor. Depending on the selected ventilation type, the clearance is about 0.5-20 centimeters.


The doors are produced by our company in Germany. High-quality raw materials, environmental friendliness, safety of elements and effectiveness of the finished construction are on what we always bet. You can get here doors for sauna that will last long and perfectly fit in the interior.

Doors frame cross section

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