Sauna Doors

Steam rooms require the doors that are capable to retain heat well and that are resistant to sudden change in temperature and humidity. The models made of tempered glass deal with such challenges best of all. They are resistant to hits, high temperature, are characterized by increased fire safety. As the boxes, products from aluminum or a spliced massif are suitable for them, which eliminate the danger of deformation under the influence of high temperature or humidity.

The Amilano Online Store Catalog presents glass doors for saunas as standard and premium-class. Glass can be frosted, glossy, decorated with drawings and patterns.

Doors from the tempered glass for a bath have the following advantages:

• Let sunshine pass

• Unlimited lifetime

• Ease of cleaning and sanitization

• Do not breed fungi and mold

• No deformation, despite operating in extreme conditions

• Design features.

Features when choosing doors to a steam room

* Glass Thickness from 8mm

The accessories are made of a material with anti-corrosion properties and does not heat up.

* The color choice and design is influenced by the choice of a buyer.

A silicone seal that eliminates heat loss and drafts appearance is set along the perimeter of the door. A magnetic strip for tight closing allows you to perfectly isolate a steam room space. A magnetic lock tightly presses a door to the doorframe preventing self-opening.

All glass doors for steam rooms have already been assembled and can be installed independently using the instructions attached to the order.

Each model withstands extreme temperatures and is interesting in its own way.