Sauna heaters kit offers

Buying a set for a bathhouse or for a sauna is a cost-effective solution that allows you to save well and reduce the time to select the right designs.

The advantages of the sets represented in our Store

The assembled sets have several advantages at once:

  • If you need a simple set that includes a heater + stones, or a heater + a control panel - you can purchase such a combination. If you need a solution including different accessories and fragrances - there are similar sets available. Our experts have made the sets based on what customers’ needs in a given situation.
  • Guaranteed quality of the components. Within the set, you get a product with exactly the same characteristics as when you buy it separately. The discount is formed due to the fact that you simultaneously acquire several products - now it is beneficial not only for us, but also for you!
  • Forethought and the interplay between elements. If there is a control panel, stones, a chimney and other products in the set, the characteristics of which depend on the type of a stove, this fact is clearly taken into account. You can be assured that the remote from the set is suitable for electric stoves from the same set. This makes it much easier for those who make it for the first time and are not sure about the correct selection of components.


When purchasing a set, always try to focus on the stove - this is the core product, the characteristics of which should fit your bathhouse or a sauna. Consider the power, the minimum and maximum volume of a steam room, the minimum height of the room, the safe distance to various surfaces. A manufacturer always gives a detailed description of the premises for which the device is suitable. When a stove has been selected, check out the list of additional products that can be purchased as part of a set. When buying a heater, please note that the stones may not be included in the set - get familiar with the description of each set in details. There are also some sets, which include a stove that should be controlled by a control panel, but there is no remote in the set available.

The sets are assembled in such a way that you can buy all the products from scratch, or simply buy something that is missing. If you already have a suitable remote control, you can purchase only a heater with stones.

The items in sets are in a great demand among buyers. Ready-made, well-thought-out solutions are usually much more convenient and profitable than searching for products separately. If you are in doubt about which set to order, our experts will always help you decide on the content of the set, depending on your individual needs.

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