Sauna mouldings

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If you decide to build a sauna or house or anything from the wooden materials, then we suggest you, to purchase a set of samples of different wooden materials, through which you can take a look how do the look like and see their great quality. We offer you two type of sets. MINI and MAXI set. Both sets include the most popular wooden materials that are used in the construction of sauna and guest houses. To make your sauna look beautiful and unique, we recommend you to use light and dark types of wood in your construction. View our photo gallery Certified by wood manufacturer SET MINI 12 products.

Wooden Strips and Decorative Moldings for Saunas

Sauna cladding is not just about covering walls and roofs. For an aesthetic result and better sealing, you can equip windows, doors, and corners with decorative wooden strips. These strips should be made from durable hardwoods. The decorative moldings conceal fasteners, joints, or cracks after installation. They provide protection against drafts and help retain heat in the sauna.

In the Amilano online shop, you will find a wide selection of necessary wooden materials for interior cladding of sauna rooms. We offer products exclusively from European manufacturers. All materials are highly durable and compliant with European safety and environmental standards.

Wood for Steam Baths and Saunas

Today, you can find various alternative materials for sauna construction that are suitable for processing. However, wood remains one of the best building materials. In addition to being temperature and moisture resistant, wood has the following properties:

  • Has low thermal conductivity.
  • Effectively retains warmth in the room.
  • Fills the air with a pleasant wooden aroma.
  • Aesthetically pleasing.

Range of Building Materials for Saunas at the Amilano Online Shop

At Amilano, you can find sauna cladding materials available by the meter in alder, aspen, and thermo-treated aspen. We offer wooden strips for windows and doors in our selection. Additionally, we provide the following materials:

  • Corner strips
  • Profile moldings
  • Press strips
  • Cladding strips

Natural wood cladding creates an atmospheric ambiance and a unique design in the room.