Sauna Stoves KASTOR

Kastor wood-burning stoves for a bath is a good choice for those who bet on well-known, proven brands. The company has appeared in 1908 in Finland, where literally everyone knows about taking a steam bath. For over a hundred years, its products are in demand around the world. It is manufactured based on the highest quality and safety standards.

These wood-burning stoves for a bath are differs by a large number of advantages:

  • The patented air distribution system titled Coanda. Due to the well-thought-out circulation, fuel consumption becomes lower, and the heating quality increases.
  • The use of high-quality steel of adequate thickness (5-8 mm), thus the stoves serve for years with no problem and no breakdown.
  • Higher weld joint strength. When deciding to buy a wood-burning stove for a bath from this manufacturer, you pour money into a knowingly durable good.
  • Well-thought-out outer case. It has a special anti-corrosion coating.
  • The use of heat-resistant glass, which holds up well temperature extremes and long-term contact with fire.

Kastor wood-burning stoves are one of the products that could be called etalon. And it also is notable for a stylish modern design, which is essential for a well-designed interior.

You can buy Kastor wood-burning stove from us at the most favorable conditions.