Sauna Stoves With BimSchv

The use of wood stoves is a process, which is strictly regulated on the territory of Germany. In order to combat the harmful emissions, special protocols have been developed that imply control over the process of cleaning these emissions. For this purpose, BIMSCH, the special devices, are used. Their characteristics are confirmed by BimSchV certificates, which indicate that the devices comply with strict quality standards and meet the requirements of fire, as well as consumer safety.

Sauna Stoves with BimSchv in our Store

The designs with BIMSCH are not supplied with wood stoves, so they are to be purchased separately. Our store offers options for different stoves - ready-made sets and tips on what equipment is suitable for a particular product.

Take a look at the “WOOD STOVES WITH BIMSCHV” category – there is already available everything you need there. And all you have to do is just to choose the products according to the parameters of your bath or sauna.

Is it possible not to purchase BIMSCH?

Everything depends on the country of purchasing. There are the states, in which there are no special regulations for the installation of wood stoves. In the EU, however, these standards exist, and therefore must be met. For example, in Germany, a stove that does not comply with BIMSCH standards cannot be installed by law. But there are different execution options:  either a furnace is equipped with an additional device, or it initially has got a system, in which emissions comply with established standards. In the second case, designs are delivered together with a special sticker informing about the amount of emissions - a sticker must be placed on the stove after mounting the structure.

One more thing - a user is not able to install the stove on his own, this process requires the participation of a specialist who, in his turn, will check the product for compliance with all standards.

2 - 7 work­ing days
The Harvia 20 Pro has a classic design and is suitable for smaller, woodburning saunas. The recommended size of the sauna room is  8 m³ - 20 m³ and the maximum amount of stones is 40 kg. Stones are included