Sauna Stoves with water container

8 - 21 work­ing days
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The  SKAMET ST-216  has a classic design and is suitable for smaller, woodburning saunas. The recommended size of the sauna room is  8 m³ - 18 m³ and the maximum amount of stones is 160 kg. The heater has a heat-exchanging unit for water heating (if you don't need it, you don´t have to use it) Stones are not included  -  Sauna stones

Wood-Burning Stoves with Boiler

Stoves are the main attribute of a sauna, one might say its heart. They heat the air in the steam room and generate steam. No modern model of an electric heater can replace a wood-burning stove. And if it is additionally equipped with a boiler, its functionality increases significantly. After all, a warm or hot water is always needed in the bathhouse. That's why forward-thinking sauna owners prefer to buy wood-burning stoves with a boiler for simultaneous water heating.

In the catalog of the online store Amilano, there is a good selection of models from leading European manufacturers.

Principle of Operation

The simplest way to provide hot water supply to the steam room is to purchase a heater with a built-in heater or heat exchanger. Such options are easy to install and use. They save electricity, which is especially relevant in conditions of electricity limits.

Harvia, TATPAR, and NARVI are equipped with built-in heaters with a capacity of 20 to 30 liters or removable heat exchangers. Additional reservoirs of various capacities are connected to them for liquids.

Built-in tanks are easy to handle. Along with heating the air in the steam room, the liquid also heats up, and by the time the sauna is ready for use, it will also be heated. Depending on the installation location of the stove, the tank can be on the left or right side. The outer covering is made of stainless steel.

Heat exchangers work on a single principle. Thermal energy obtained from burning wood is transferred through the water circuit and, by heating the water, pushes it into the removable tank, from where it is used for hygienic procedures. Circulation and heating of the liquid will continue as long as the stove maintains a high temperature.

Requirements for the Boiler

If the boiler is installed in an unheated room, increased requirements are imposed on it.

  • It must withstand temperature changes and increased humidity;
  • Be resistant to corrosion;
  • In addition to that, to avoid freezing of the liquid, it must have a drainage possibility;
  • Have a thermometer to set the optimal temperature;
  • Be safe to use.

All these requirements are met by the models with boilers presented in the online store Amilano.