Lining for Sauna Aspen 15x125 - 10,25 €

Lining for Sauna Aspen 15x125

Lining for Sauna Aspen 15x125

lining Aspen wooden panels are widely used for decoration of sauna, due to its low density, lack of resin and a small amount of knots. Useful specs of aspen explains high tannins, which not only greatly reduce the ability of wood to rot in a damp environment, but also gives it a distinctive incredible flavor. Aspen lining do not cracks, easily processed and performs well in high humidity conditions. 

Price for 1 piece of product, A sort

VAT included
 2 - 7 work­ing days

local_shipping  Delivery of oversized cargo in Germany: 50.00 €


Delivery of oversized cargo e.g. For:
  • Heat insulation SATU
  • Sauna wood
  • Sauna cabins


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