Lining for Sauna Thermo-Aspen STP 15x90 - 6,80 €

Lining for Sauna Thermo-Aspen STP 15x90

Lining for Sauna Thermo-Aspen 15x90

The thermal treatment of the aspen or alder wood substantially improves their properties and thus enables new fields of application. Heat treatment is a technology of natural change in the cell structure of wood under the influence of supersaturated water vapor at temperatures up to 240 ° C and a pressure of 0.1-0.2 MPa. The result is an ecologically pure, solid wood, with beautiful shades of color, from which it is fashionable to set decorative dark accents that accentuate the style of the sauna's design. Thermally treated wood is not found in any other wood species, it is durable and has a pleasant smell.

Price for 1 piece of product

VAT included
 2 - 7 work­ing days

local_shipping  Delivery of oversized cargo in Germany: 50.00 €


Delivery of oversized cargo e.g. For:
  • Heat insulation SATU
  • Sauna wood
  • Sauna cabins
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