Sample Kit Mini

Sample Kit Mini

If you decide to build a sauna or house or anything from the wooden materials, then we suggest you, to purchase a set of samples of different wooden materials, through which you can take a look how do the look like and see their great quality. We offer you two type of sets. MINI and MAXI set. Both sets include the most popular wooden materials that are used in the construction of sauna and guest houses. To make your sauna look beautiful and unique, we recommend you to use light and dark types of wood in your construction. View our photo gallery

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SET MINI 12 products.

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local_shipping  Delivery of oversized cargo in Germany: 50.00 €


Delivery of oversized cargo e.g. For:
  • Heat insulation SATU
  • Sauna wood
  • Sauna cabins
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Wooden lining 15 x 90

  • aspen
  • alder
  • thermo - aspen

Bench wooden panels 28 x 90

  • aspen
  • alder
  • thermo - aspen

Angle moldings

  • Aspen inner molding 14 x 30
  • Alder inner molding 14 x 30
  • Thermo aspen inner molding 14 x 30
  • Thermo aspen outer molding 28 x 28
  • Aspen outer molding 28 x 28
  • Alder outer molding 28 x 28

The wooden panels can be made in any size you need. Standard sizes are from 1800 - 2400 mm Wooden panels are packed in the polyethylene packaging Products are shipped on a pallet.


Aspen wooden panels are widely used for decoration of sauna, due to its low density, lack of resin and a small amount of knots. Useful specs of aspen explains high tannins content, which not only greatly reduce the ability of wood to rot in a humid environment, but also gives it a distinctive incredible smell. Aspen lining does not crack, easily processed and performs well in high humidity conditions.


Alder wood becomes very popular in the building and construction of sauna or guest houses. The reason is a very low thermal conductivity, strength, allowing alder to become a great material for wooden design. In addition, alder finishing has a low hygroscopic, absorbs very little moisture. The combination of these qualities with durability makes alder wood the best option for the sauna construction. There is another quality that distinguishes alder finishing from other methods. Alder has an unusual colour, like a coffee coloured wood. Under the influence of humidity and temperature timber can change colour and acquire a different shade, so alder interior decoration in the construction of the sauna looks more impressive.


Abachi – a palm tree with a pore structure that grows in the tropics. Has a small density that prevents heat lining even at the highest temperature in the sauna room. When the temperature rises in the sauna, the abachi wood takes the temperature of the air, but as soon as you touch the wood, it immediately takes the temperature of the human body. Wood is smooth, without knots and resin, quite soft, moisture resistant, easy to work with, often has a colour from cream to straw yellow.


Ash wood is the most valuable hardwood. Ash lining is very sturdy timber. It is pretty tough and tight, and recalls the specs of oak wood. Wood texture is expressive and bright, that is why it is often used for the manufacture of interior finishes, trim and sauna walls.

Heat treatment

Heat treated wood is an advanced tree. The heat treatment process occurs as follows: well - dried wood is placed in a special room without oxygen (the wood does not burn at higher temperatures without oxygen) filled with steam. Then the wood is heated with high temperature, from 200 to 240 C. After this process the wood has saturated dark brown shade over the entire thickness , whereby thermo wood looks like expensive exotic timber. The heat treated wood is moisture resistance and does not rot.

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