Saunasteuerungen Sentiotec K3

Sauna Control Sentiotec K3

Sentiotec K3 sauna control is suitable for Combi stoves and it’s fitted with two sensors. One of them controls the indicators near the stove, and the second is installed on the shelves. Due to this, the temperature setting is done more precisely and as comfortable as possible for those who are in the sauna.

The remote control is compatible with stoves of different popular brands, such as Sentiotec, Harvia, Sawo and many other brands.

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Other capacities of Sentiotec K3 panel

This model has the following capabilities:

  • A possibility to control electric heaters with integral steam generator.
  • A heating range from 40 to 125 degrees Celsius. You can prepare sauna conditions for amateurs of gentle and strong steaming - all on the owners own.
  • A high level of safety. At exceeding of a particular indicator, the system switches off to avoid overheating. Also shutting off activates in case of a short circuit.
  • A quick heating time. The sauna heats to the set temperature within six hours.
  • A setting the specified turn-on time. The step for this function is 15 minutes. The function is practical because you can set it up in the morning, go to work, and in the evening (for your return) the sauna will be ready.
  • A convenient display and system with sound notifications.
  • An evaporator control and humidity level control.
  • The errors displaying. If there’s some sort of glitch in the control unit, the remote will warn about that by one code options.

Sentiotec K3 sauna control panel has a stylish two-color design - the combination of gray and white makes it as simple and universal as possible, suitable for different interior options. The model control is intuitive - because of thought-out and signed buttons. This equipment will be perfect for people who are looking for the most functional device, but without extra details.

Sentiotec K3 is a convenient, justified solution that proved itself for hundred-per-cent among exacting customers.

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