Sheathing beam

Beams for Base Frame

Tongue-and-groove profile wood is the most commonly used material for wall cladding in a steam bath or sauna. To achieve straight walls, a base frame is needed. The frame effectively conceals various defects and imperfections. Walls, roof, and other structures made from planed beams look very aesthetic. However, incorrect assembly can disrupt the appearance.

In the online catalog of Amilano, we offer beams for the base frame made from dried and processed wood in the following sizes: 18 x 45; 45 x 90; 45 x 45, H 2400mm.

Which Beams for the Base Frame?

Beams made from softwood, especially pine, are best suited. Such beams are ideal for the interior construction of the steam bath or sauna.

  • Affordable
  • Weather-resistant
  • Very strong, resistant to deformation, vibration, and cracking
  • Pine resin protects the wood from moisture, fungi, and bacteria
  • Fire-resistant, comparable to metal
  • Particularly environmentally friendly
  • Possesses heat-insulating properties

For the base frame, various types of wood can be used, but it's important to eliminate horizontal and vertical deviations. Use a level and other suitable tools for this purpose. And don't forget to treat the material with a wood preservative.

Buy wood from us, and high quality of your wooden projects at a good price is guaranteed.