SKAMET Sauna Stoves

SKAMET wood-burning stoves are produced in Estonia, but are in demand throughout Europe. These are modern, very good quality products, created taking into account all safety and efficiency requirements.

In our catalog you could buy SKAMET wood-burning stoves at a really good price. It’s an excellent choice for saunas and baths, in which you might want to effectively maintain the right temperature and feel a high comfort level.  Models with a removable burner are particularly in demand – in this case, the stove is heated from an adjacent room. There is no rubbish in the steam room and you don’t have to go in there if someone is already inside.

The benefits of the SKAMET stoves

It is worth-while to buy SKAMET wood-burning stoves for several reasons:

  • All products are notable for increased effectiveness and low fuel consumption.
  • Very good quality flues that carry smoke well and provide the safe use of products.
  • Good use age. On average, it is up to 12 years, in other words, this is a long-term investment.
  • Quick heating of the steam room. With the largest airspaces, 1.5 hours of stove operation is needed, but often 30-60 minutes are enough.

Do you want the high-quality wood-burning stove for sauna? The bath stoves proved themselves for a long time by all accounts, including a stylish design, are represented in our catalog. And SKAMET models are no exception.

5 - 12 work­ing days
The  SKAMET ST-216  has a classic design and is suitable for smaller, woodburning saunas. The recommended size of the sauna room is  8 m³ - 18 m³ and the maximum amount of stones is 160 kg. The heater has a heat-exchanging unit for water heating (if you don't need it, you don´t have to use it) Stones are not included  -  Sauna stones