Spare parts for wood sauna stoves

2 - 7 work­ing days
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The Harvia flue cover is compatible with all Harvia wood-burning stoves, excluding the Harvia 50 models. The chimney cover covers the unused end of the chimney.
2 - 7 work­ing days
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HUUM HIVE Wood Stove Door Glass Our HUUM HIVE Wood Stove Door Glass is a key component in keeping your fire safe while simultaneously offering a full view of the beautiful flames. This high-quality product ensures optimal performance of your HUUM HIVE wood stove.

You will need spare parts for wood burning heaters in case of different breakdowns and unexpected situations. 

Features of our assortment spare parts for wood sauna stoves

In our catalog you will find: 

  • Door for heaters. That contains the whole structure with a metal base, tempered glass and a handle that does not heat up. 
  • Separate glass. It is practical if the product itself is whole and only the glass was damaged 
  • Separate handle. If for some reason only the handle got damaged, there is no point of buying a completely new heater. 
  • Wood burning protective bedding and other details that are also important in the functioning of a wood burning heater 

Such spare parts for wood burning heaters are very rarely required due to the natural wear or defect. The heaters presented in our store have very high margin of safety. Furthermore, the most reliable materials are being used for their production. The glass is always tempered, so it will not break by itself. We process on the metal well and it definitely withstands long-term influence of a fire and other negative factors. 

However, it can happen that the heater gets damaged as a result of imprudence or incorrect actions of people. For example, someone throws a heavy object toward the heater, hits the glass with the sharp angle and breaks it. Tempered glass dreads different sharp punches, so this could possibly happen. The cause of breakdowns is mostly unwanted mechanical influence. 

Only high-quality spare parts for the sauna heaters in the Amilano store

Buying wood burning heaters for a sauna as well as spare parts for them from our shop, you can be sure that the products are original and have good quality. All products presented in the catalog are accompanied by relevant documents and necessary guarantee. We can advise you on any issue anytime and help with the right choice, if such help is required.