Spare parts

2 - 7 work­ing days
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Harvia WX325 is an additional humidity and temperature sensor. Suitable for Harvia Xafir  (CS170, CS110C)  and Xenio  (CX170, CX110C)  control units. The sensor is designed for use with a Combi heaters equipped with a steam generating module.
2 - 7 work­ing days
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Temperature sensor with reversible 125 degree overheating protection. Can be mounted on the sauna wall or ceiling. Compatible with Harvia electric sauna heaters (check compatibility in the product manual).
2 - 7 work­ing days
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Sawo INN HUM is an additional temperature and humidity sensor for the sauna. When connected to the control unit, the sensor is automatically recognized by the control. This sensor enables energy to be saved through precise display indications on the control panel. The sensor is suitable for the Sawo Innova Classic or Sawo Innova Touch sauna controls. The sauna temperature and humidity sensor is supplied with a housing and screws. It is recommended for the sauna heaters with a steam function, Sawo combi. The cables are not included in the scope of delivery.
2 - 7 work­ing days
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The UKU sauna control panel GLASS has an elegant glass housing that gives the sauna cabin elegance. It is easy to install a control panel on the sauna wall and use it to control the functions of the sauna. The intuitive GLAS sauna control panel has a minimalist design and is available in three elegant shades, from classic black to luxurious gold. For additional safety, the panel is equipped with a child lock.

In this section, you will find spare parts for sauna heater controllers. We have both individual parts and ready-made kits for specific problems. 

The catalog includes, for example: 

  • Temperature sensors
  • Humidity sensors 
  • Remote start system 
  • Micro-training, etc. 

The catalog is constantly being expanded and upgraded with new products thanks to which you can solve any problem. The exchange of spare parts for control device is much cheaper and more convenient than a complete device change. In addition, the entire system does not have to be changed if only one element is defect. 

Amilano remote control spare parts: quality and guarantee 

Spare parts for control panels must be of the highest quality. Thanks to these parts, the entire operation of the system is controlled – and this is not only for the functionality but also for the safety of your electric heater and the whole sauna in general. For this reason, you must buy the parts for the remote controls only in trustworthy stores that provide you with guarantee and additional documents from the manufacturer. 

Usually if the panels of an electric heater breaks, it is not a death sentence. Correctly selected spare parts for control panels for the electric sauna heathers will help to solve this problem – and the system will continue to function perfectly for several years.