Standart Doors

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Glass color The glass is made in three shades: transparent, bronze and gray. Width The door width has 70 or 80 cm options. Height Available door heights - 190 or 200 centimeters at option. Hinge The STS hinges are made of polished stainless steel. An installation is universal: on the right or left. Wood species An alder and aspen are used for the manufacture of frame. Door handle The luxury handle: outside it is made of stainless steel, inside - of wood.

Standard Sauna Doors

Many customers choose safety glass for sauna doors. Our range can fulfill any wish. Stylish hardware can complement your design, making your door unique while remaining functional. In our online shop for sauna accessories, we offer only quality and environmentally-friendly hardware from Finnish manufacturers.

Sauna Hardware – Reliable and Safe!

When choosing hardware, consider the conditions in which they will be used. Whether hinges, locks, handles, or latches, they should be moisture and temperature resistant. Ordinary hardware is not suitable for saunas, as the temperature in the sauna can exceed 90°C, and humidity can reach 100%.

One of the most important criteria is safety. Handles and fasteners should not overheat, glass must be securely fitted into the door frame, the door's sealing must be well-processed, and latches must not jam.

Sauna Hardware and Its Characteristics

With the right hardware, your door will be unique and, of course, retain heat in the bathing area while allowing for a safe sauna experience.

  • Hinges. Made from temperature-resistant metal specifically for glass doors. They are compact and have a secure mechanism that can handle heavy loads. The coating is resistant to corrosion, so the hinges remain like new for a long time, regardless of moisture and temperature differences in the room.
  • Ball Latch Closure. Simplifies the opening and closing of a door. The mechanism consists of a snap spring, ball, or roller bolt. The snap spring pushes the ball outward into a groove to close the door. Ball latch closures are available in different colors, allowing you to find a suitable color for your sauna.
  • Magnetic Closure. Such closures are best suited for saunas. They are safer than ball latch closures because they never jam.
  • Handles. They can be attached with a magnet or a clamp. For saunas, handles made from wood, safety glass, and other materials are used, as they have very low thermal conductivity. These handles can be personalized according to your sauna design.
  • Sealing. Silicone sealing is the best; it allows complete sealing of the construction and keeps the glass securely in the door frame.

Best Hardware for Saunas

The best brands for sauna hardware are two Finnish companies, Fiskars and Abloy. Finns are well-known in the sauna industry, which is why it's no wonder that these brands are the best and produce sauna products.

  • Fiskars Hinges for glass doors meet European quality standards. Before production, all materials are carefully inspected and tested for corrosion. Only suitable materials are further processed. Fiskars is known for sauna hinges for doors up to 35 kg. The model is so successful that many other companies have included similar products in their own ranges. However, the original hinges from Fiskars remain the best, and many customers choose the original product.

  • Abloy Magnetic Closures are specially designed for high temperatures. They consist of 2 magnetic strips, one in the door frame and the other in the door itself. When they adhere, the door is not only closed but also very tightly sealed. This closure is temperature and moisture resistant, noiseless, and corrosion-resistant. Where other locks break, Abloy brand products remain stable and reliable.

Closures, hinges, handles, and locks from Fiskars and Abloy are not only very sturdy but also decorative and easy to install.