Steam Room

Hamam differs from other types of steam rooms in lower temperatures and high humidity. When visiting hamam, the body gets rid of toxins and harmful substances, it serves as prevention tool for the people with sore joints, osteochondrosis or radiculitis. A steam room can be arranged even in the bathroom of the apartment by putting a booth with a steam generator.

A steam generator is responsible for the humidity in the sauna, which creates finely dispersed vapor in the form of a light mist. The general atmosphere depends on its performance; therefore, it is especially important to purchase a reliable unit of high quality. The Amilano Online Store offers the best solutions in this direction.

How to Choose a Steam Generator for a Bathhouse?

1. When choosing a steam cannon for a bathhouse, you should only take into account the size of a steam room. The larger the room in which the equipment will be installed, the higher the power index it should have.

2. Pay attention to the operating voltage of a steam generator. The equipment with a voltage of 220V is connected to conventional networks, and you will need three-phase voltage for a “cannon” of 380V, which means you will have to carry out additional electrical work.

3. The remote that controls the operation of the device can be touch-sensitive and conventional push-button type, and the choice of it depends only on the preferences of the future owner.

4. Additional functions may include aromatherapy, a light dimmer controlling the lighting in the sauna, and ventilation.

5. Appearance. If the device is placed in full view, you need to think about how it will fit into the design of your steam room.

In addition to steam generators for a bathhouse, the Amilano Online Store offers you a range of accessories for sauna arrangement at home - aroma pumps, seats for steam rooms and much more.

All products presented in our Catalog are made in the EU and fully comply with all safety standards.

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5 - 12 work­ing days
For a pleasant steam room experience.

Harvia Helix is an oasis of relaxation and good feeling. Let the humid heat pamper your senses and forget time and rush for a moment.
Set includes
5 - 12 work­ing days

Ready-made seat for the steam bath made of moisture-resistant polystyrene. Before the installation you have to reinforce the seat (reinforced grid + cement slurry) After that you have to apply a hydro insulation and put the tile. Price per meter.

5 - 12 work­ing days

Easy-care glass doors for saunas and steam-saunas make the rooms more aerial. One can choose suitable door for any interior from the wide range of sauna doors offered by AD. One can choose between bronze, gray, blue, and numerous patterned glasses. Uniqueness can be increased with frosted designs and pictures. All sauna- and steam-sauna doors offered by AD are produced following all safety regulations and customers' expectations. 

€329.63 -€40.63
5 - 12 work­ing days

The Harvia automatic discharge valve is an accessory designed for Harvia steam generators that makes the device easier to use while also increasing its service life. The purpose of the discharge valve is to decalcify the steam generator efficiently with an automatic timer. Enjoy longer maintenance intervals with high-quality Harvia accessories.

5 - 12 work­ing days

The Harvia Silent is a silent steam nozzle equipped with a glass cover and included. The Harvia HGP steam generator’s standard delivery does not include a steam nozzle, as the amount and type of steam nozzles required at spas varies. The reliable and compatible Harvia steam nozzles can be purchased as accessories.

5 - 12 work­ing days

Less maintenance

We design our steam generators with great attention to detail. They are meant to withstand many years of use without interruption and with a minimum of attention. They are supplied with an automatic flush which can be set according to the water quality in your area.

5 - 12 work­ing days


Our new Commercial steam generator is fitted with a large water tank and designed to be easily connected to our Multisteam function – an effective way of avoiding stoppages in heavily used systems, as up to three steam generators can be connected to the same steam room. Steam generators require regular automatic flushing. This involves a 10-15 minute break in steam production each time. If you have several steam generators connected in the same system, flushing can take place without shutting down, as the Multisteam function ensures that one generator is always producing steam.

ilable for both iOS and Android.
5 - 12 work­ing days

This steam outlet is a high-efficiency, low-noise and slightly smaller steam outlet for steam rooms. Inspired by the exclusive Panacea steam bath, the Bahia Home steam outlet has a clean and simple design. It is made of high-gloss plastic and tempered safety glass panels that blend seamlessly with the rest of the interior. The Bahia Home has a modest price tag as its protective coating is made of a somewhat simpler material than that of the steam outlets for larger steam rooms.

5 - 12 work­ing days

The steam outlet of the Panacea, which has won acclaim for its design, is now on sale as a standalone product called Bahia Pro. It has a contemporary and stylish appearance, is made of tempered safety glass with an exclusive Corian® front panel and is highly suitable for large steam rooms.

5 - 12 work­ing days

TX202W steam and shower wall from TYLÖ is a device with a capacity from 2.2 to 4 kw. Depending on the power and settings, it can produce 3-5.5 kg of steam per hour. The design provides steam burner, hand and overhead shower. The latter can be adjusted in height and rotated by adjusting the direction of jets. On the sides of the module there are convenient shelves on which you can place various health accessories. The remote control is carried out using the touch panel H1.

5 - 12 work­ing days

TX202G model is a steam and shower wall with a capacity from 2.2 to 4 kW. The amount of steam produced depends on the power and ranges from 3 to 5.5 kg per hour, respectively. This model is equipped with H1 control panel unit that allows you to set the settings for the module remotely. The module is equipped with a steam atomizer burner, hand and static shower, so you can alternate the necessary procedures.